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Find, book & check the best deals online with us! Booking a fully booked yacht charter Steps to booking charter yachts. Make your flight reservation today with Blackbird Air.

To book a charter boat

Eventually, the long response is that you have to select the right agent, kind of boat and route to meet your needs. Select a charter company. You will find a professional who will make you happy with the progress and who will be happy to collect your feedback. It is the best way to make sure that you book the perfect charter boat.

Pick a professional with no commitment to particular charter boats; you want information on the full spectrum of possibilities, not restricted to a small "in-house" choice. Specialists should be knowledgeable and very knowledgeable to ensure that you enjoy your charter holiday. Please pick the boat and the target. Browsing our website will help you gather information about all your yachting and targeting choices.

The choice is yours between power and sail boats as well as the part of the globe you want to discover. As soon as the perfect boat has been selected for the desired date, it will be reserved with a charter agreement between you and the charterer. The reservation of a Yachtcharter differs from the reservation of a flight tickets or a mansion!

We create a standardised agreement, which we explain to you in detail and make easier for you. By signing the agreement and paying 50% of the down payment, you avoid other people to book the boat. Get ready for the journey. Before getting on the boat, your charter expert, the skipper and the rest of the staff are preparing the boat for your holiday.

In this way the boat will be provided according to your preferences. On the basis of your thoughts and suggestions, the skipper will draw up a travel plan for your charter, which you should talk about by e-mail or telephone before departing. During the charter period the skipper and ship's staff are of course your main contacts for matters concerning food, drink and time.

Skipper and crews act as concierges for your land-based adventure and activity on aboard. Overall, a chartered holiday means that there is no specific sailing schedule, and usually some travel arrangements vary during the trip. Rent or charter? Sometimes we are asked if there is a distinction between hiring a boat and hiring a boat, in fact there is no one.

If you book a charter through a "yacht charter contract", this is the most commonly used name. What makes you decide in favour of our enterprise? Charter experts pass on their knowledge to you free of charge. Our information is impartial and impartial for every available boat in the world. We specialize in providing prompt, face-to-face assistance on fully engaged, luxurious charter yachts.

Whatever the scale of your boat, your holiday location or the length of your holiday, we provide all customers with the same levels of great services so they want to come back for more money!

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