Light Business Jets Comparison

Comparison of light business jets

In the middle class, some personal jets take you non-stop to Europe, while others do not have the reach to take you all over the country non-stop. There is no clear distinction, as we find in related papers in this set, between what divides a mid-size and a mid-size personal jets, although there is consensus that a singular class will cover those jets that are between 21,000 and 41,000 lbs, based on max take-offs. When checking the information provided by Conklin & de Decker, there are more than a dozen available with a minimum 3,000 nm cruising distance for full passengers.

Specifications in the chart below are sorted by ranges of full seat and you will also find the average number of seat for each model, but remember that configuration may differ, so always ask your supplier. Another useful feature is the cruising distance for four -passenger aircraft, the characteristic load capacity of a privately owned aircraft.

Based on a complete airplane, the Gulfstream G280 strikes with 3,590 sea-mile at 3,422 nm the Cessna Citation Longitude and the Dassault Falcon 2000DX/s and then the Bombardier Challenger 350. Together with the Gulfstream G650, one of the two quickest business jets, the Cessna Citation X is also one of the leading in terms of outreach.

When buying tickets, many of the major software packages are designed so that you can buy a specific card group. There are many categories that allow you to set up or change the sizes per tour - a good thing - but remember, if you need to make consistent upgrades, you'll pay more than you might have expected.

Conversely, a number of fleet managers provide aircraft-specific charts for mid-range and upper mid-range jets or allow you to select a particular plane - again, the information you'll find in the data base of Privatecard Comparison, which compares over 250 programmes. Flexjet, Magellan Jets, NetJets, Nicholas Air, OneFlight, ProspAir, Star Jets and VistaJet each provide aircraft-specific choices with assured levels of service and set fares that span mid-size customers, covering premium mid-range personal jets.

When it gets a little baffling, sign up and use our Jet Card Decider services to help yourself. What medium-sized and ultra-modern personal jets have the greatest outreach? Check out over 60 privately owned jets to see how far you can travel with full capacity or four passengers: © Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc.

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