Apple Air 11

Air 11

Apple released an updated model in the same form factor as its predecessor on June 11, 2012. The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MJVM2LL/A is a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB, 64GB hard drive (Scratch and Dent) Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MJVM2LL/A is a 11.6-inch laptop with a 1366x768 LCD resolution. Today Apple officially discontinued the 11-inch MacBook Air, so it's no longer available.

Specification of products

Every computer that has been restored and that has been corrupted by the Customer's abuse, contains parts that have been removed or is in unsaleable conditions due to manipulation by the Customers will be billed a higher storage charge depending on the state of the Work. Any new, used and reconditioned goods bought from marketplace providers are covered by the return policies of those providers.

Guarantee of product:

Apple MacBook Air 11.6-inch MD711LL/A i5-4250U Dual-Core 1.3GHz 4GB 128GB SSD Laptop Certified Overhauled Apple MacBook Air 11.6"

Professional overhauled to manufacturers specification with trouble-free 60-day guarantee. The device is in condition C and shows traces of use which contain among other things scrapes, bumps, dents or dents. Specification of Battery: Performance specifications: Specification of Battery: Performance specifications: And I was very skeptical about getting a working notebook that didn't look like it had been wiped off with a squeegee.

but I was amazed when I noticed that the notebook was in good condition (and working perfectly). It had three small scrapes on the display that you can't see when the display is turned on, and a few small scrapes on the bottom. It was the first tim I ever purchased a reconditioned notebook and I was very concerned and it was 100% valuable.

Pulling the computer out of the pit, there was a big scrape on the monitor, the angles had all bumps, and there was something to eat or something in the edge of the keypad. Replace the rechargeable batteries. Understanding that it is a reconditioned computer, I was expecting the flaws, but I was expecting it to be at least fully functional, as a computer such as this would cost a lot of money to buy a rechargeable computer.

My notebook looks like it fell out of a shed. There was a scratched edge, there were bumps and bumps and scrapes everywhere on it and there was a series of vertically held off cracks above the jar. I wouldn't take my Apple passphrase. It took six workingdays to obtain a reshipment permit.

Charge the rechargeable batteries for more than 24hrs before use. Once recharged, the batteries only had enough fuel to indicate a low level alarm. Does not start during rechargeable batteries operation. This is the only way this computer can be used if it is plugged in. It took about 3 extra working day, but I didn't care.

Got a MacBook Air that didn't work, went to the Apple Retail Store, and had to approve up to $750 to be repaired. So I bought this renovated for a split amount of the cost of a new one or repaired the old one.

There are a few visible scrapes, but it works well and was a good value. Promoted as renovated, but frankly it looks like it's new. There is no trace of earlier use anywhere on the computer and the battery recharger even seems to be a new, original Apple may be secure in use.

Has only worked for a months, then the MacBook will overheat when loading and the display will not turn on. It' been renovated by JemJem. Is there a bunch of bumps and marks on this notebook? There' s a dip/bang at every turn. Small scrapes on the floor along with a very small, eye-catching dip of barely anything that can be hidden by a case.

Every little dent and bump. A small 1" scratches on the monitor. Nursing plans can be added within 30 workingdays of the purchase. Please click here to attach a map.

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