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Rental Power provides temporary power for emergencies, special events, planned outages and more. The best business lines both for rental and for sale: A dedicated team of aviation professionals is ready to take you to the skies, whether you're learning to fly, renting aircraft or making repairs. Accessing your car rental booking via My Booking is not possible.

Rental of mobile and industrial air conditioning systems

Rental air conditioning systems are available for hire in all sectors, both temporarily and permanently. As a special part of this capacitance area, we supply rental air conditioning systems from 14 to 42 tonnes with a complete assortment of rental air conditioning equipment options.

This equipment provides up to 30 tonnes of rental refrigeration or 50 kW of secure, low-noise electrical heating. Those rental air conditioners have:

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No matter whether you operate a low-pressure breaker or high-pressure breaker drilling machine, whether you serve a low-volume workshop or a high-volume production facility, our large air compressor pool can provide the air you need - anywhere, at any time. Our manufacturer and resource networks make it possible to have parts for your airend available in the shortest possible time.

Gensets, mobile units, compressed air & more

The Cat® Rental Store business provides the biggest rental car pool for building machinery in the industry. Our well-known Cat earth moving machinery, diggers, skid steers, diggers, paving stones and blowers, implements and electric motors to more than 60 other leading makes for elevating work platform, compressor, concrete, air conditioning or dumper.

We have the necessary gear to get the work done, from hiring out heavy-duty machinery to generating electricity, from digging or sheeting to scissors and telehandlers.

Rent Air Conditioning, Radiator & Heating

If your air goes down, you don't have much spare air. Our team has the necessary tools, staff and know-how to quickly and efficiently meet your air handling needs. Proud of our ability to respond quickly to emergencies. Rental conditions are affordable, extremely effective and able to quickly bring your site up to the required temperatures.

Flying school, aircraft rental and aircraft maintenance and repair

With our committed staff of aerospace experts, we are prepared to take YOU to the skies, whether you are studying to learn to fly, renting airplanes or making repairs. We have certified flight instructors and staff available seven and a half hours a day. The Cessna 172 Standard, G1000 model and other planes that are offered for rent are part of our family.

Every airplane is fitted with state-of-the-art aviation electronics. A&P licensed technicians are on site five and a half times a week 7 on call to meet the diverse requirements of GA airplanes. All our technicians provide the highest level of airplane servicing for you. Panels are upgraded, serviced, repaired and sold for major brand names in the field of aviation electronics.

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