Private Air Travel Cost

Personal air travel expenses

Private airfare costs vary widely depending on the method used to purchase the aircraft. Flying a private plane for under $150 per passenger. Cosy cowhide seating and leg room for your day. In the past, the advantages of private flight were only appreciated by the wealthy and well known. However, this is about to change - and in some cases you can travel on a private aircraft or airplane for the cost of the bus (or less) if you know how to make intelligent purchases.

Handfuls of web pages and private jets follow the management of accommodation and hospitality web pages, providing last-minute offers for untapped stocks, and others are altering the cost structures of private air travel to make it much more accessible. It'?s not the only firm that offers that kind of tariffs:

Even if they are not promoted, customers can also get large last-minute deals simply by phoning a private airline within a few working days of departure and asking if they have done business. Of course, for most travellers, waiting until the last moment is not an optional extra. There are other choices for those whose timetables are not suitable for last-minute bookings, although they may be more expensive.

The West Coast carrier Surf Air provides unrestricted private aircraft to and from about a tens of locations in California and Nevada such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Santa Barbara for $1,750 per month for $1,750 (plus a one-time introductory charge of $1,000); the carrier runs up to 90 daily departures and has added Monterey, California.

The East Coast people will soon be able to travel with Beacon, another member company, which will start late this year with 18-20 day trips between New York and Boston and seasonal departures in the Hamptons and Nantucket. Mathematics works for some: If you take four or more trips with one of these carriers, these fares may be less than the cost of bus or bus seat or seat in bus classes.

FLITE Air Taxi provides private aircraft a la cart at competitive prices: From Boston to Saratoga, N.Y. a ticket is $541 per passenger (you need six to fill the aircraft, i.e. $3,250 for the entire flight), as well as one from New York City to Martha's Vineyard and from Block Island to Worcester, Mass; this does not involve consumption tax (7.5% of the cost of the flight), but other charges.

This is because pages like offer places on a flight that would have been empty or at least not full. "More than 40% of private air travel has free seats," says Steve King, co-founder of the private air travel agency AiroIQ. Often these planes just reposition themselves to collect travellers in another town, and the airlines would rather get some cash from the travellers than no more.

Businesses like Surf Air and FLITE Air Taxi can recharge less than reputable rivals, in part because they use different aircraft - such as single-prop turbos - which cost less because they consume less propellant than bigger aircraft. "Operating costs can be a small percentage of those of other aircraft," says Justin Hart, VP of Surf Airhips.

Some significant restrictions apply to private air travel. Frequently, these offers are only for one-way travel, so they must then find an alternate way back. It is also important to note that there may be charges in addition to the cost of air travel - such as airports or landings - so please refer to the agreement to see what is and is not in it.

For example, de-icing charges can be significant and pass on to the consumer, says Jeff Trance, the SVP of private aircraft for the USA for the US private charterer Air Partner. Usually, you can't just buy a rebate pass for these aircraft; they will want you to cover the entire cost of the aircraft, so you need to find a group that goes with you to make the most of your cost-cutting.

Plus, if you want to make big savings, you probably won't get a new Primojet as they tended to cost more. Charter private aircraft have a tendency to suffer more falls than airliners - although they are still much more safe than automobiles. The majority of small aircraft incidents were due to a pilots fault, so call the private airline to find out how many flight maneuvers your pilots have.

In spite of these disadvantages, the attractiveness of private air traffic is still great, as both the airports and the flight experiences have become unpleasant. Trance says that if you are agile in both flight and flight, you will probably get the best deal. Phone the airline and ask about the cost difference between e.g. a Saturday and a Tuesday and see if you can get to a local airline.

Friday and Sunday are usually the most costly travel seasons, says Justin Sullivan, co-founder of FLITE Air Taxi. And of course last minute deal can be significant, so it can be rewarding to wait until about 72 ours before you want to go flying to find a deal, Trance says, although of course this is dangerous.

Northeast stores, California, and the Northeast Florida itineraries typically have the most last-minute deals, says Bob Diener, cofounder of and Dienster advises you to visit as it calculates the cost of private jets between different airline companies. that is the best known for last-minute deal.

They may also consider having a realtor do the hard hoisting for you, says trance; realtors usually work on provision, so ask them what their provision is before you book and how you are paying them, and tell them your all-in pricing tolerances early. According to Trace, if you travel with a group of seven or fewer people, you can often make significant savings because you can choose a smaller - and often less costly - aircraft.

Probably you don't want a group of two because most private airlines ask you to hire the whole private aircraft (typically four or more seats).

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