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Seven things you need to know before booking a charter flight. At Stratos, as a leader in the personal charter business, we believe that an educated customer is our best customer. We' re going to examine the top 7 questions you should ask before you book your next charter flight in this episode. Those hints will help you make sure you book the most secure, best serviced plane with the most skilled crew, actually complete a legitimate charter and get the best possible prices.

In addition, we will examine some of the various choices available to you to make your charter trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible. So, to get us going, what are the 7 fundamental issues you should ask yourself before your next charter flight? Which security measures apply to the flight I will take?

Which are the registration data of my flight crews / my pilot? Do I get the best possible prices for my flight? Will my jet charter brokers be able to take care of all the other small and large aspects of my flight - such as providing concierge service, accessing its flight division 24 hours a day, providing my aircraft at last-minute and more?

We' ll show you in this episode why each of these issues is so important to your overall sense of safe and secure use. Why should you use charter flights to get us off to a good start? It is a crucial asset for those whose precious leisure timeframe is priceless, for whom personal space and/or personal protection are crucial, and for those who wish to charter a chartered aircraft, it is only a viable choice for their journey.

For those who use our service, we try to conserve the amount of travelling effort, prevent the many problems associated with commercial air traffic, and significantly improve your efficiency while travelling. By shortening routes, the Privatjet charter can significantly cut other expenses such as accommodation, airfares, airports and many others, as well as perhaps the most important ones â?" the extremely precious amount of free space and resource for todayâ??s top-management.

Charters significantly increase flight crew member efficiency and allow you to take any group of flight attendants you like. Advantages include the possibility to work with your partner, travelling with protection or freight escort. It also eliminates many common types of problems such as long delay times on corporate aircraft, overcrowded aircraft and long TSA safety routes or baggage loss.

They have the option to lean back and unwind while someone else takes care of all the detail, both large and small, to ensure a pleasant travelling experience. Your holiday will be a great one. Overall, our customers enjoy a broad spectrum of advantages in terms of our overall service and charter portfolio, which they would otherwise not be able to enjoy.

Stratos Jet Charters has long-term relations with a worldwide airline operator base, so we can always offer you the perfect size with all the conveniences you need, in the most secure airplanes, under the guidance of the most skilled crew and at the best possible prices.

We' re working unbelievably hard to provide a holiday that you would like to share with your families, partners and acquaintances. After all, recommendation services and repetition services for our valued customers are crucial to our continued growth. Well, having only told you some of the many advantages of chartering a personal aircraft, we come to the first questions you should ask yourself before booking your next flight.

Which security measures apply to the flight I will take? If you would like to book a charter for a group or a individual, please call Stratos' jet charter office at (888) 593-9066. Round-the-clock, our charter agent is available to offer you several offers of personal jets for your on-demand flight.

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