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Coquitlam Taxi

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Older lady in Coquitlam waiting three hour for a cab on Canada Day.

CQUITLAM ( NEWS 1130 ) - An older lady in a handicapped chair in Coquitlam was disappointed with Canada Day when she was in a group. Waiting three and a half hour for an available taxi, she was not picked up until around noon. After Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart this lady had a booking for a 21.00 collection at Town Centre Park with Bel Air Taxi, but the available taxi never showed up.

But Stewart was waiting with this lady and said that she had to be examined by medics as the rains subsided and the temperature sunk. Says a taxi firm finally provided a trip after a scream-match with a dispatchers. "It is intended for the prioritisation services of the available cabin licences issued to these cabin providers.

Mr Stewart approached Bel Air Taxi and said that he would also raise the matter with the province authorities and that the problem was inacceptable. "Obviously the system in Coquitlam doesn't work at the moment when a patient in a handicapped chair is stuck in the cold for three long hrs awaiting a taxi," he says.

He says that this is not the first occasion that there have been issues with his city's three taxi businesses, all of which he says belong to the same company. Bel Air Taxi has contact Bel Air Taxi via the NEWS 1130 to add a short note to this history.

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