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Five things you need to know about Auckland

It is everything you would want from a contemporary, cosmopolitan town, with a wide range of stores, pubs, clubs and eateries to choose from, but it also has its own distinctive shimmering cultural heritage. Featuring a diverse blend of New Zealanders, Polynesians and international guests, Auckland has a welcoming, relaxed and multi-cultural atmosphere and you will always be welcome.

Among the attractions you should definitely see when you visit Åuckland is the Åuckland Sky Tower, the highest detached building in the southern hemisphere, with stunning vistas of the town and beyond. It is also a haven for adrenalin junkies with a wide variety of activities including windsurfing, hill cycling and more.

Auckland is definitely a place to be despite the long flights, so take a look at our offer of flights on favourite US itineraries. Here you will find everything you need to know when you book your flights to Auckland from the USA, from flying time to immigration regulations.

It' much simpler to travel from the West Coast to Auckland, where you can book one-way flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston airport, which take about 12-15hrs. However, if you are departing from the east coast, you will have to take a connection and the duration will be much longer (up to 21 hours).

US to New Zealand travelers do not need a New Zealand stay permit of three or less weeks, and you must make sure you have a New Zealand travel document that is at least one calendar day prior to your scheduled New Zealand travel date. Below are some of the airline companies that operate direct flights from the USA to Auckland, although you may need to involve other airline companies when booking a connection:

New Zealand's biggest and most congested New Zealand International Business Park is the Auckland International Business Park. It is about 12 km away. Five nautical miles southern of the downtown area. SkyBus is one of the best ways to get from the international airports to the downtown area and runs 24 h a day, 365 d a year, with two services, one via Mt Eden Road and one via Dominion Road.

When you' re coming to Auckland for the first glimpse and wonder where to start your adventures, here are our top ten things we think you should try! However this is only the tip of the ice mountain and there is much to see and do in Auckland no mind what interests you have.

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