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Shiranthi's brother, Sri Lankan chairman, diverts commercial UL flight; declines to hold two flights for two hour.

Shiranthi Rajapaksa's sister and the chairman of the airline SriLankan Nishantha Wickremasinghe rerouted a UL business plane to Singapore to have himself, his spouse and a passenger met at Changi Airport in Singapore. Wickremasinghe called the airline and ordered that the planned Sri Lankan non-stop service be rerouted from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Colombo, Singapore, so that he and his associates could be collected on the way, the Sunday Times commented.

The Sunday Times reported that Wickremasinghe was so high-handed with the domestic airline at taxpayer expense - already making millions in loss from serious maladministration - that a Sri Lankan regular airline from Singapore to Colombo was supposed to leave Changi in just two hour's time.

But the chairman had to come home "in a hurry", the paper reported. In spite of the fact that the chairman of Sri Lanka was on a face-to-face trip to Singapore. "Redirecting an aeroplane on a regular service from one state to another is an exclusively privileged task for Heads of State and Government.

SriLankan Airlines' chairman can do this by simply making a phone call," the newspaper said. "A furious shopkeeper asked a member of the team why Chairman Wickremesinghe could not hold off and go aboard the Singapore regulars. answered the member of the crew: "For them our airplanes are like three-wheelers.

" Mr. Bennett noted that no other decent airline would reroute regular services to collect its chairmen," the reports continued. The Sri Lankan airline is experiencing severe difficulties financially and has to borrow internationally to repay its debt. This airline operates on a rescue line from the Ministry of Finance, from an award-winning airline during Emirates' term in office to the loss-making and non-professional chaos it has become today after the Rajapaksa administration "nationalized" Sri Lanka and took one member of its large farming community to account.

The problems in Sri Lanka have multiplied after the Rajapaksa budgetary support Mihin Lanka, the brainchild of the president-trusted Sajin Vaas Gunewardane, was turned into a Sri Lankan affiliate. While Mihin Lanka has been a loss-making airline from the outset, the airline's name - a derivative of "Mahinda" - has warned the Rajapaksa administration not to disband the ill-advised airline.

Now Mihin Lanka is offering travel to various locations in the wide range of the globe that the two carriers cannot serve, using Sri Lankaan as a code share. Mihin Lanka often functions as the principal airline, while the whole trip is operated by Sri Lankan employees and airplanes. Government ministers are worried that Sri Lanka is on the way to an economical crash if its governance problems are not solved, says Sunday Times.

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