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Clients of Spectrum: "How come my roku isn't working?"

It' a issue that affects Spectrum TV clients who purchase their web from other vendors like Verizon. Spectrum TV spokesman told 7 Eyewitness News that Spectrum TV subscribers also need Spectrum connectivity to watch TV shows on their Roku and other Smart TVs.

Another possibility for those who are faced with this issue is to hire a Spectrum receivers. Spectrum clients are entitled to a free of charge set-top box for one year. Over this time, the charge is $6.99/month for a Spectrum bundle or $11.75/month for an older Time Warner Cable bundle.

There is a smooth change from spectrum to fully digitized technology. You know, we've already finished the passage over the remainder of NY and are in the middle of modernizing Buffalo. Increasingly, consumers are benefiting from the advantages of a 100% dedicated image capture system, which includes improved image clarity, greater accessibility to rich media and the two-way interaction provided by Spectrum receiver technology.

What are the big issues you hear from clients at this point? The majority of consumers already have at least one set of digitally connected TV at home, so for most it is a second TV connection. Clients have been telling us that self-installation of their speakers is simpler than they thought. Our clients are also asking when we will introduce even higher speed web browsers.

The upgrade to fully digitized technology is an important move to enable even higher speed, even higher speed, even for large scale applications. Spectrum recently introduced Internet gig speed for consumers for customers in other New York hinterland regions, which were fully digitized early this year. Although we haven't set a date, we are expecting to start gigs in Buffalo in the next few month.

Some Spectrum TV subscribers with other ISPs ( like Verizon DSL ) tell us that they cannot use the Spectrum application through their ROKU or XBOX device. The Spectrum lnternet Access must be installed to use the application on these machines, on a television set. One big questions we're asking is how do I know if I need a tuner?

As a general principle, if you want to plug your TV directly into the socket on the side of the room, you will need a Spectrum tuner. Clients should receive one before their planned migration date so they don't miss any of their favourite programs. Consumers can purchase free direct-to-home delivery of digitally-enabled devices by going to Spectrum.com/DigitalNow or by phoning 1-844-278-3408 to order a self-installation pack.

You can also collect the devices from a Spectrum shop near you.

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