Cab Anchorage Ak

Cabin anchorage Ak

Ankorage, AK Anchorage Taxi Taxi Services. With their guns held, Anchorage drivers were looted, struck and placed in the boot of the cab. Sent to help a man who said he had bolted himself out of his car in the Ulu Factory car park on Ship Creek Avenue. But when the taxi chauffeur came, he didn't help a run aground operator. Instead, he was assaulted, says the cops.

One taxi cab follower was telling them that he had been looted and hit by two while a third was there.

APD says the rider was arriving in the area and was stopped by a group of individuals. So he got out of his cab and opened his car boot. "That' s when a man and woman put him in," the cops said in a parish alarm. He was then struck in the boot, strangled and eventually taken face to face with a pistol from the suspected males.

And the other one in the fight is a woman, the cop says, because of his vote. Drivers' wallets, money and mobile phones were taken. According to law enforcement, the trucker was trapped in his own boot, but when the car was hit by the suspenders, the victim's leg was in the way.

According to reports, the chauffeur was able to creep out of the back of his own boot just in plenty of notice to see the culprits leaving the crime scenes in a limousine in either red or red. According to policemen, a third defendant was present, but did not come into close proximity with the victims. Drivers were reported to have suffered visual injury and were assessed by health care professionals.

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