Cab from Center City to Airport

Taxi from Center City to the airport

All Medallion Cabs charge a flat fee for travel between Philadelphia International Airport and the zone described below instead of the measured fee. TRANSPORT One stop outside the airport is the University of Pennsylvania and 30th Street Station (where Amtrak train services to New York and Washington stop). The train then makes a stop at Suburban Station on Sixteenth Street and JFK Boulvard, just two blocks from the City Hall and close to several major resorts such as Westin (17th & Market Sts.), Crowne Plaza hotel (18th & Market Sts.), Wyndham Resort (17th & Race Sts.

), Four Seasons (1 Logan Square), Sofitel (17th & Sansom Sts.), The Rittenhouse (210 W. Rittenhouse Square) and many others.

It is the business and retail area of the city with many good local eateries, interesting stores and attractions. From the airport to Center City, ticket prices are $28.50 for the first passenger and $1.00 for each extra passenger. Unless you are going to Center City, ask the taxi cab owner to quote the ticket price before your departure, or review the Philadelphia Taxi Fairfinder for a quote.

Hiring a rental in Philadelphia is not necessary if you plan to remain in Center City. However, if you decide to hire one from the airport exits, take either 76 westwards to 676 east or 95 north to 676 wests. For 40 years Amtrak has been carrying passenger along the American railroads.

There is no simpler way to get along the Northeast Passage than to get on an Amtrak and ride the tracks. When you need to get to Philadelphia fast, Acela Express rail services between Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC are the way to go. Amtrak provides fast and convenient seven-day, weekday trips between towns and villages.

Advice for taxi at Thirty Street Station: When a taxi line is long and there are no taxi queues, go to Market Street and call a taxi. The Market Street is on the right hand side when you come out of the train depot to be in the cabin line.

The Amtrak Philadelphia facility is being built at the lovely 30-th Street Station. Please click here for further information about our 30-th Street Station.

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