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Inside private jet

What's in a private jet? Pictures of a tailor-made Boeing 747 were published this weekend unveiling an ultra-luxurious private jet inboard. A plane capable of carrying up to 600 passengers looks more like an expansive luxury accommodation with a fully fitted main room, large dinning room, meeting room, living room and more. Surely a high-end airplane in regards to the cabin equipment of private jets, this impressing unique specimen can be varied according to height and kind of the jet.

Here is a look into the palette of interior spaces of private jet aircraft. Most private jet aircraft are fitted with at least one bathroom, but not all private jet baths are the same. The Citation Mustang, for example, places the lavatory between the dashboard and the passengers cab, with only one screen to separate you from the others on the boat.

This is not too much private, but since this lightweight jet is only used for brief trips, most travellers decide to stay after landing until they use the bath. From there, the only thing getting better is the toilets. Citation XLS+ occupants have a much bigger bath room with even a wardrobe if they have to transfer during the air.

And, of course, the most luxury bathroom is on aboard the V.I.P. jet, which can sometimes contain two showers, a douche and even a Turkish bath. Whilst most people like to think of the comfort of a double berth when travelling by private jet, this is usually not the case. Most private planes offer you much more space than a business plane, but the smaller planes usually only offer seat that turns into a flatbed when you need to get some rest during the trip.

As in the bathroom, the larger the beam, the better the sleep pattern. The Gulfstream G650, for example, offers enough room to transform a bank into a berth in two places on the ship, and the other chairs are fully recline. Custom long haul aircraft will also be modified to provide a real double room with a cot.

A thing that is the same for all planes, regardless of height, is the meal. Usually a large number of snacks and beverages are available to take during the trip, but specific meals are available for all travel. We can also arrange in advance for your trip to be booked for specific events, such as birthdays or public holidays. Please contact us for more information.

Special meal and snack arrangements can be arranged in advanced by the FBO, which has local refrigerators to provide guests with daily groceries. Every plane we have available for our charters is chosen according to the strictest security and comforts. It is possible to choose certain service options if you wish to travel on a jet with a particular bath or berth, and to check the configuration of the aeroplane cabins beforehand.

If you would like to reserve a private jet of any type of cabin, please do not hesitate to call us or our 24/7 flight team at (866) 726-1222.

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