Hiring of Private Vehicles

Renting of private vehicles

OFFER AND INVITATION TO TENDER FOR THE RENTAL OF PRIVATE VEHICLES. Rental of private vehicles/cars/taxis for official use in the Ministry of Culture. Illegal reading attempts if no available files. A nonhandled exception occured during the processing of the Web requisition. For more information about the bug and where it appeared in the script, please check the script trail.

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Directives for the rental of vehicles by public authorities

Cases have been encountered by the Central Monitoring Commission where vehicles were hired for company cars/passenger cars, either without following the proper tender procedures, or by using such a process as an empty technicality, receiving three or more bids from interested third parties at pre-determined rates, and held by members of government officials.

Furthermore, it can be seen that the vast majority of rented vehicles are not recorded as taxi/transport vehicles, but as private vehicles. It is also claimed that some military personnel buy high-end high-end automobiles on behalf of their families or acquaintances and supposedly rent such vehicles for formal use.

In the Commission's opinion, such a practise is practically equivalent to the exercise of private affairs by officials, which is illegal behaviour. Accordingly, on 12.8.2016, the Commission discussed with the MoF and the DoP&T the need to impose guidance and procedures to reduce such unwanted rental activities and to establish an open and transparency process whereby vehicles licensed as taxis or using local roads are rented in order to make systematic enhancements and avoid such unwanted rental activities.

According to information provided by the Commission, the Ministry of Finance, MoF vide Circular No 13011/50/2016-Vig. of 23.9.2016, published directives on the prevention of corrupt practice in the award of vehicle rental orders to government authorities. DoR has notified all HoDs and affected officers of the Affiliated/Subordinate Departments of the Department to make sure that, in supplement to the current rules/regulations for the rental of vehicles, the following procedures are properly followed: iv) The logbook is kept as for Departmental Vehicles.

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