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The ?Orders placed through this app is the same as requesting a taxi by phone. Taxi with two simple clicks.

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Simply enter the pick-up point on the card and other information such as number of vehicles, vehicle model and method of payments and then await your order to be approved. The booking procedure is the same as above (call taxi). Receive an estimation of how much and how long it will take from your requested pick-up point to your requested departure point.

These services offer a flat rate for travel to or from all large Japanese airfields. Fees vary depending on the taxi company involved around your destination city. The NetPay application is a taxi payments system that further facilitates taxi payments by allowing you to register your personal details (*2) via the app.

As of March 2017 you can use NetPay with the new service[JapanTaxi Wallet](*3) even if you have not ordered a taxi via the app! You can also review and approve your receipts on-line with this facility. 3 from May 2018, the services will be available in 4,500 Nihon Kotsu cabs in 23 Tokyo, Musashino City and Mikata City counties fitted with electronically controlled trays.

The ?This web site needs GPS and networking services. Please note that there are cases where you cannot order a taxi due to area, traffic, conditions and taxi available. Computation by Faremaps. Fare depends upon the actual Google Map generated by the Google Map services. Please verify the taxi company involved and the accessibility of the services via this app.

Please note that in some taxi companies there are cases where you may not be able to use certain features, such as specifying the return point, making a booking by entering the date and hour, making a non-cash purchase. We are from Los Angeles where we use Uber for all the necessary trips, we deplore the fact that there are no Uber-like apartments until we have found a Japanese taxi.

Often I got "no can available at this location" or the app just didn't react when it tried to call a taxi. Place This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries.

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