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Blue & White USA Inc 1024 Chestnut Ave, Altoona, PA 16601

Evaluate this deal! People who own the space and answer the telephone in the mornings are very impolite, that's crazy, how do you anticipate keeping your shop running when ur shouting at the customer? That' s very unfortunate, and frankly I really think that this place should just be shut down or they just need another proprietor, that' s very miserable.

The owner is unbelievably impolite! He' s always extreme impolite, so I know him personal and he doesn't know my vote on the telephone. It' just a question of now before he blows up the deal. Now, the name of the answering machine is so impolite. I would have given that individual a part of my brain.

Vinny, the proprietor, is a heterosexual idiot. So when I phoned, I tried to ask what had been happening, Vinny said to me "f" you and hanged. Dude answering the telephone....

Blue-white Taxi 4812 Park Glen Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Enjoyment of the trip brought me punctually to my appointed date and very professionally it was very beautiful. Kai, my duty hound, and I appreciate you being dog-friendly. Use the Track your taxi application! Whenever I call a taxi, there's always one on the way with ten to fifteen minute to pick me up.

I' d suggest this taxi ride to anyone I know. The van was very neat and smells good, good rider and the talk was great. Informing you that the owner will immediately send you a taxi means nothing. The child who eventually said that there would be no taxi for at least a few short moments was very patronising.

And when I was telling him how furious I was about being deceived, he just kept telling me how slowly the road was moving. Insisting that he knew the true cause why I was better off than I was annoyed, he seemed to think it was okay that I was being lying to him again and again.

Once I had to come by 3 x before they gave the right adress to the rider. I' m never gonna use your taxi company again. Excellent taxi shuttle bus which I use 2-3 time per months and have had nothing but great experience. Pitiful work. He was very impolite and talked in the most awful way possible, would never refer anyone.

Excellent serivce & very kind! Losing my purse in a taxi and the executive took the trouble to find me on Facebook to make sure I got it back. Thanks Blue and White! Terrible client services. Our taxi drover listened to our talk and declined to leave until we got out of the truck as we did not belong to the group.

Because we were annoyed by the chauffeur, we phoned the head office and he was also very impolite to me.

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