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The Round Trip IndiGo flight calendar helps you get the cheapest flights for air travel. Below you will find the specific tariff rules and inclusions for this tariff type. Learn more about our entertainment options on domestic flights. Booking tickets are only valid for the reserved flight indicated. Our domestic rates all offer a standard seat, some allow changes on the day of travel and Flexidate is fully refundable.

One way fare - JAL domestic flights

The one-way fare comprises the First Class One-Way Fare, the Class J One-Way Fare and the One-Way Fare. Updated ticketing validation for purchase before November 15, 2017. For more information, see "Ticket Validity" below. It is available to all clients 12 years and older. Entrance fees are effective on the date of issue and shall continue to be effective for 1 year from the next date of issue.

Ticket must be bought within three working day after booking. Changes to reservations are permissible. Please make sure that changes are made at least 15 min before the reserved flight takes off. In case a modification of the booking results in an increased fare compared to the initial fare, the fare differential must be made.

There is a fee for Class J or First Class changes at the point of origin on the date of trip. Cancelations must be made at least 15 min before the flight booked takes off. Reimbursement period is 10 workingdays from the day the tickets expire.

Past tariffs can be scanned up to one year before today's date. You may not be able to search some flight numbers due to flight number changes.

Domestic New Zealand Tariffs | Air New Zealand

The ATR72 and Q300 turboprop aircraft, which last less than 45 min, offer customers food and drink. Ideal when you travel easily or take a brief rest. Modify your flight times a free of charge when places are available. Modify the date, hour, destination or departure point of your flight if places are available.

The costs for on-line changes are free, but there may be a price differential.

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Checked luggage should have a gross vehicle weight equal to the free luggage allowance of the category of services per itinerary. Checked luggage exceeding permitted dimensions and max weights will be handled as either large or bulky and an excess charge (EBC) will be levied. Every airline has its own free luggage allowance (FBA) guideline.

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