Boeing Bbj Price

Bbj Boeing Price

This was a historic moment for Boeing. BBJ1: Buyers and Investors Guide The Boeing BBJ1 is able to fly 12 hrs a day, traveling across ocean and continent, and is a truly deluxe workhorse. The BBJ1 is a great plane and there are few better ways to fly. The BBJ1 not only offers real luxuries, but its capacity to transport more than 50 passengers also makes it an unbelievably convenient businessplane.

It'?s a big plane and so are the operational expenses. There is a very small commercial aviation industry, so don't anticipate selling one quickly - or recovering the cash you have spent on the inside of the plane. Boeing Commercial Jets (also known as BBJ1) are the commercial version of the Boeing 737-700.

Cheap airlines routinely transport 149 passenger in a 737-700, but barges transport much fewer passenger with much more comforts. The BBJ1 is able to fly for 12 hrs and can achieve a speed of 541 mbph. The BBJ has a cruising distance of over 6,200 sea miles with eight occupants and four crews.

Capable of carrying 50 people and four crews, the cruising range is 5,360 sea-mile. A 6,000 sea mile long take-off is 5,775 feet and the plane has a certificated upper limit of 41,000 feet. The BBJ1 features a 24.04 meter (79 ft), 7 foot high and almost 12 foot broad occupant cab.

The BBJ1, with so much room, is an architect's paradise and can be almost freely configurated, but it is usually subdivided into four major cabins: a meeting room, a living room, a V.I.P. room, a commercial desk and two toilets with shower facilities. The BBJ1 is a favorite option for government and corporate customers in a higher densities scenario for up to 60 people.

Despite these many guests, there is still room for a state room and a master suite. As a rule, a BBJ that is privately held - accounting for around half of all BBJ contracts - is more luxuriously equipped and can carry around 20 people. Ample space is available for many different interiors and seat plans, with specially large seat widths that can be used for sleep on long-haul routes.

It can be equipped with a custom engineered cabin or with a built-in kitchen built into all commercially available models of the airplane. Inside a BBJ1. The BBJ1 has a price of 57 million dollars, but this does not cover the inside, which costs the owners 20-25 million dollars more.

Seventeen Boeing approved centers are located around the globe. As soon as a client has chosen his center of choice, Boeing will deliver a verdant - or incomplete - plane, where it can take between 12 and 18 month before it is shipped to the client.

Boeing announced at ABACE 2014 that it had supplied a combined fleet of 152 BMJs. There is only a small group of purchasers who can buy a BBJ (and some of them only want a new plane ), so the re-sale price is very small. Privajet's BBJ1 (9H-BBJ).

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