Sky car

celestial car

Can take off and land vertically like a chopper and fly like an aeroplane from take-off to arrival. Can take off and land vertically like a chopper and fly like an aeroplane from take-off to arrival. The Freedom Rotapower motor has a high power-to-weight ratio of 3:1, only two movable parts and almost no vibrations during use. The only reason I voted for this interviewee was because it emphasizes the Rotapower® engine's capability to use anaerobic (artificial) bio-gas.

Until Freedom Motors has the Rotapower® in at least finite run, MI is not interested in further marketing the Skycar®. In the next few years, battery-powered aerial taxi will be available for journeys of up to 25 mile between the vertical ports for one or possibly two people. Just how far you can fly beyond this range and load depends on the runtime of the batteries.

This is because the power requirement of the drive system rises much more rapidly with increasing total vehicle weights (AUW). The power from rechargeable cells is so low that the addition of a bigger rechargeable cell could actually lower the load. This includes AA123 batteries from Taiwan and Turnigy Power Systems in China as well as Yasa Motor's electrical motor in the UK and Emrax Motor's in Slovenia.

Amazingly, no US corporation manufactures these necessary hybrids.

Skycar 400

Skycar® blends the high-speed capability of a fixed-wing aeroplane with the vertically launch and recovery characteristics of a heli. The channeled ventilators ensure buoyancy and thrust without the hazards of bare blade rotors and high rotorcraft service cost. It uses state-of-the-art fly-by-wire computer technologies to supervise, steer and sustain the airplane's robustness while being straightforward to use.

From now on, travellers will no longer be forced to travel by plane, as the Skycar will be an autonomic plane that uses sophisticated onboard sensing and accurate location technologies, Highway-in-the-Sky (HITS) and automatic flight controls to travel between targets and prevent other ailments.

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