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The popular reliable and trusted & trusted taxi rate estimator is now available on your iPhone! There'?s no need for you to have a special app.

Shared taxi, over or lyft fares

You can also use the tariff converter to share the tariffs for car rides like Uber and Lyft. Just type in the home from which you want to be collected and the home from which all your guests will be collected, and we will calculate the results in seconds. To get as precise a breakdown as possible, use the pocket size recalculator at the end of your trip and type in the real price.

fare is divided in such a way that no person spends more than if they took a taxi alone. If the fare estimations are correct and the fare is sub-additive, this feature is warranted. The proportion of each traveller in the fare will depend only on his or her small part in the (estimated) fare if he or she participates in each possible trip to some of the destination.

Using these estimations, we compute the price of a simulated trip to each set of destination and thus obtain the costs for each set of travellers. A single passenger's pay is their Shapley value: their mean (roughly speaking) border addition to the costs of a portion of other travellers.

Suppose the total fare has to be divided, Shapley Value is demonstrably the one and only approach that meets marginality along with another fundamental characteristic named Anonymity. Should the estimate of the fare deviate from the real fare, we just adjust the payment according to the real fare, which demonstrably retains all warranties.

Adhere to these regulations before choosing a taxi in Bogota.

I' ve been living in Bogotá for over three years now, and I think you can rightly say that taxi riders in Bogotá do not have a good name with the people. Some of the most frequent frauds and more you need to know about if you want to take a taxi to Bogota, perhaps in metaphorical terms, are for innocent bystanders.

Do not call a taxi from the road. You can use the telephone application Tappsi or Easy Taxi to order a taxi in Bogota or ask a staff member, restaurateur or boyfriend to order one for you. Because the taxi operator knows that if something goes awry while driving, you can use the app or call to file a claim about him, you are less likely to have trouble.

Make a memo of the licence plates every time you get in the taxi. Find the fare at the beginning of the trip. And Bogota has the least translucent system for the calculation of a taxi fare I have ever come across. Rather than showing an amount of cash, the taximeter begins at 25 and rises by 1 number every hundred yards.

By the end of the trip, the number shown on the counter is the fare you have to use. On the back of the front driver's side you should see a fare so that you can find the number and the corresponding fare. This rate, however, is often nowhere to be found, so the drivers are free to calculate what they want for you.

In case you do not see the fare when getting into the taxi, ask the chauffeur for'la tarif, port favor'. Please use a taxi fare computer. Or make it so much simpler for yourself by download the Taxi calculator app (Calculadora de Tarifas). At the end of the trip, type the number on the meter and check one of the other applicable boxes (e.g. collection from the airports, Sunday supplement, etc.) and you will be told how much you owed.

Don't make the error of asking the rider how much you owed him without verifying the rate or the computer application. Columbian legislation only stipulates that the front seats of the vehicle must be fitted with a safety belt by the drivers and passengers. A non-belted taxi ride in Bogota can be a challenge for the people.

Only after moving to Bogota did I begin to see the meaning of the grips above the rear window of the automobile. I' m sure that the creators of this deductible were first drawn from a taxi ride in Bogota. I' ve had so many journeys where a taxi rider was further and further away from the preceding truck, while I could only grab the grip above my face as firmly as possible, looking up at the sky and praying quietly that the preceding trucks had no need to stop at all.

When you try to ask the rider to be slower or more careful, you will find the meaning of "angry". Prepare to be taken on the extended Bogota itinerary. During my early years in Bogota I became much too acquainted with this outing. You look like a stranger who doesn't know the town, give the rider your goal and he will take you on the longest possible trip, making the trip as profitable as possible for him.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it if you are not acquainted with Bogota. When you have your mobile information, you can use Google Map to see what the fastest way is. At the end of your trip, if you think you were taken on an especially long trip, you should notify Tappsi or Easy Taxi of the name of the person driving you.

Watch the taximeters. One of the most popular and well-known scams (which I have also seen at first hand) is to manipulate the taximeter so that the numbers rise more often than they should, and riders can earn more cash with each ride. When it seems to go quicker, file a complaint with the chauffeur and call him in.

That means that if you are part of a group of persons who are set down in different places after one overnight stay, the rider will not be able to burden you additionally. At the end of the trip you compute your taxi rate as usual and refer to the rate. When you have booked a taxi in advance, on working days and Saturday from 8 p.m., on Sunday and bank holiday throughout the whole working week, as well as for pick-ups and returns at the airports or on long-distance buses.

Fare or taxi fare calculation app tells you how much is due in addition. In Bogota, most tariffs are much less than 20,000 US dollars, and it is seldom that a taxi rider has to switch for a 50,000 US dollars bill (or maybe they do, but they usually say they don't).

Your rider may be confused and refuses to give you your exchange, or you may be taken on the "Extended Tour of Bogota" while the rider "looks for a petrol station" where he can modify the notation. You can try breaking a 50 whenever you can - in a cafe, diner, grocery store, resort - so you can switch to a taxi.

Less frequent, but still so frequent that it has a name, the "Millionaire's Ride" (or Paseo Millonario, as it is called in Bogota) is far less Glamorous than it sings. But be sure it would almost certainly never occur if you ordered the taxi by telephone or app. Usually what happens is that someone who has taken a taxi off the road is abducted by the chauffeur for an hours or two (who often collects an accomplice on the way).

As many ATMs as possible are used to deliver the victims, ordering them to take out and deliver funds before spending them anywhere at the end of the torture. In order to minimise the risk, never take a taxi off the road and if you are in a taxi, forward the licence number to a boyfriend or member of your household so they know you are on your way.

The Burundunga is a substance that some taxi riders have used to stun people. Its effect is that you have to do everything the chauffeur says (e.g. take out a large amount of coin from an ATM) without remembering it after the incident. That' another powerful case against calling a taxi from the streets.

My preference is to use TransMilenio (the most important transportation system in Bogota) or Uber, which is a good option to take a taxi in Bogota. They cost about the same as the yellows cabs (if the increase does not apply), but are usually much better, the driver is much friendlier, and if you already use the services in your own home it works the same in Bogota (but probably much cheaper) and you don't have to be worried about cashing in.

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