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Now Charter Business is Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions. Business Enterprise Solutions Now Charter Business is Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions. Leverage scaleable, customized, and cost-effective communication solutions, encompassing business web, information networks, speech, visual, and fibre optics capabilities. Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions provides competitive solutions through our state-of-the-art, fiber-based ecosystem that help companies in a wide range of sectors achieve maximum efficiencies while growing.

Charter's Enterprise Unit provides B-Plus for Fiber Plant.

Spectrum Enterprise, a Charter Communications entity focused on the large business service sector, said it will be investing more than $1 billion in 2018 to boost the densities of its domestic fibre optic networks. Charters said this will be the second consecutive year in which the firm has spent more than $1 billion entirely on Spectrum Enterprise, which plans to grow to a global ecosystem of nearly 200,000 fiber-lit homes.

The Spectrum Enterprise will assume most of the pre-production cost of fibre for most new enterprise customers in its presence for solutions such as Fibre Internet Access, Ethernet and Voices Trunks SIP/PRI. It will also increase fibre densities as wireline networking becomes an important bottleneck for an upcoming surge of 5G-based service and other bandwidth-intensive offers.

"Since fibre optic interconnectivity has become essential to business expansion, we are focusing on making our fibre optic infrastructures more available to customers and redesigning their experiences to adapt them to the emerging reality of today's enterprise," said Phil Meeks, EVP and Spectrum Enterprise Chairman, in a declaration. "Progressive closed-circuit television and virtually real solutions, as well as 5G's next generation solutions, namely IoT, clutch and IoT, all rely on a dependable and high-density fibre optic cable system.

It is our goal to make sure that our customers have the most resilient fibre optic networks and solutions to enable them to achieve growth today and take full benefit of emerging broadband technologies".

The Spectrum Enterprise breaks into the hosted PBX market.

SPECTRO Enterprise, part of Charter Communications, today announces the extended uptime of its Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice PBX solutions. What is really interesting is that the huge network enterprise is using its fire optic infrastructures to provide enterprise-ready PBX solutions that are a kind of two-for-one one.

In addition to your company winning enterprise-level communication, everything is not just hosted by one of the country's largest networking companies, but also by one that uses a complete fibre optical fibre to provide it. It is the intention to substitute on-site devices, even in the enterprise, with "virtual surroundings accessible via a designated and safe fibre link ", says the announcer.

Spectrum Enterprise's VP of Voice and Unified Communication Products, Joseph DeLotto, said, "Reliable communication is the basis of every business and critical to customer retention and customer experience. "Spectrum has thus found a room in which its singular and extensive networks can glitter. DesLotto also explained the Spectrum solution:

All of this will sound quite standardized in the hosted PBX environment until we come back to this fibre optic link feature and the way Spectrum will offer this particular feature. To those who do not know, fibre-optic connectivity does not use the kind of off-the-shelf cables offered by traditional wired TVs.

Instead, optical fibre uses strings of thin, yet thin optical fibres that transmit information through the use of modified lighting. Basically, these are optical fibers as thin as the hair of a person, so your communications system can transmit information over long distance and at unbelievable speed - far beyond normal cabling. Disadvantage is that the fibre install can be a little more expensive and take longer, but the benefits are higher dependability and of course rapid speed.

As a rule, this is a win-win situation for every company, let alone for corporate clients who need dependable, powerful and quick connectivity. In addition, Spectrum Enterprise will run speech directly on its own dedicated networks, resulting in a much more dependable experience than having to rely on its own networks.

Spectrum announced an offer from one of their recent clients, Guardian Logistics Solutions, to bring this point home: What is really interesting is that Spectrum Enterprise is now paving the way into the hosted PBX arena and using its fibre optical networking to increase both the dependability and performance of your wireless comms.

Today's notice means the Spectrum Enterprise is now available in 14 countries, and the vendor is planning to distribute it across Spectrum Enterprise's nationwide presence by the end of 2017. However, overall, one of the greatest advantages of Spectrum Enterprise hosted voices is that they can be used in a variety of ways: IP Cloud Driven IP Hosting Language that enables clear, safe, and dependable speech over a private fibre optic cable connection; Flexibility to work anywhere, at any time; Scalable, easily added workstations that enable business growth without disruption; Fully manageable upgrade using the latest available technologies; 24x7 supported 24x7 delivery through Spectrum Enterprise Ingenieure dedicate technicians and on-line resourcing.

Although it is difficult to say how powerful the platforms will be, or how successfully Spectrum Enterprise will be in this particular niche just as they have historically been a consumer-oriented vendor, competitive advantage is always a good thing. Other vendors use fibre for their networks, but none have the solid carbon footprint that Spectrum currently offers.

Looking at the overall hosted PBX landscape, this could be a neat new start for the current industry players, especially those we looked at in Gartner's recent UCaaS Magic Quadrant.

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