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You can choose from a variety of vehicle classes, new high quality vehicles that best suit your needs and budget. Car hire at bottom price guarantee Make your booking at any time and anywhere! It is now simpler than ever to rent a car with us. Our car rental rates are the best you can get. When you find a car rental for less money, let us know and we will give you your car rental for free!

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for Price Promises page for more information.

Our company cooperates with well-known and dependable car rental agencies and offers cheap car rental at the best price. Don't worry, we'll tell you all the extra charges before you make your reservation. In order to have full certainty about what is in the price, we recommend that you review the General Business Policy for each car you view.

We do not levy administrative charges if you change your car rental booking, and if you cancellation up to 24hrs before your pick-up, you will be reimbursed the full amount.

There are 3 ways to increase the value of each vehicle booking

Hiring a car can be a huge affair for busy holiday or corporate travellers. Particularly on holiday, many travellers don't want to be annoyed with "extras" that they would rather keep at home, such as car seat for the children or a satellite navigation system for dad (so that he doesn't charge anything for cell phone navigation).

When your travellers travel to Europe, find the best car hire prices by cities or countries with AutoEurope, a car hire location aggregate.

Car rental Falo - Attention Algarve car booking & co - Falo Forum

Let me say that I am also dissatisfied with the Algarve Car Booking/ Discovery Cars. Never again I found the Algarve car booking via Car Trawler and picked up my car from Discovery Cars and fed all excess etc (including tolls). Unfortunately I left the car in Lagos without having to pay the park tax (I'm silly), it was actually my boy, nevertheless the car had to pay a penalty of 8 Euro (eight), but the car had a penalty of 36,50 Euro in all, which I properly payed to the Lagos-Parkamt.

Unfortunately I was also stuck at the request of the park section because the same car had suffered THREE earlier infringements (fines) one fine from 2012 and two earlier on. So I went to the FUTURLAGOS, the car park checkpoint, and they reimbursed the penalties that had arisen, but not mine.

However, after a fierce debate with Discovery Cars, where I blamed them for not having paid the three prior penalties (no question the former tenants would have had their Cr cards deducted from those penalties, but Dscovery Cars didn't forward those penalties to the fine department), I was stuck.

Anyway, they (Discovery Cars) said to me to get in contact with them on my way back to Britain, which I did properly without any reply, note at the airports where they have you because there is no free space for you to present your case, and they know it.

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