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According to reports, Apple is planning to launch a new low-cost MacBook with a Retina display and a new Mac Mini Pro. A new Mac Mini is apparently next to him. The new MacBook Air with Retina and Mac Mini Pro asks many a question

Early this Week, Bloomberg announced that Apple will release a new low-cost MacBook and an upgraded Mac Mini for professionals later this year. For example, it's not clear how Apple will set the retail prices for an alleged update to the 13-inch MacBook Air and what it will contain in the Mac Mini pro edition, a computer that hasn't been upgraded for years.

The Apple observer John Gruber recently asked the same questions about the MacBook product line. Apple's Mac product line has been in motion for several years. Professionals have been complaining that Apple has been slowly updating its line of Mac desktop pros. The MacBook Pro's newly designed keypad and missing connectors also caused a great deal of discomfort.

Since Apple is preparing to update its Mac offering again this year, it's still not clear how the new machines will work. MacBook Air has long been the most affordable MacBook you can buy, with a start at $999. It' s highly appreciated by consumers, which is probably why Apple hasn't made much of a difference in recent years, apart from updating its processor base.

A MacBook Air user request is a Retina screen, one of Apple's displays that makes text and pictures sharp. It' the kind of screen Apple offers on its more pricey MacBook and MacBook Pro, but its exclusion from MacBook Air was one way Apple was able to keep the cost below $1,000.

Normal 12-inch MacBook begins at $1,299. MacBook Air doesn't have some of the same high-end MacBook Air characteristics like newer speaker systems, a bigger turntable, and a retina display. However, it has fewer connections - just a simple USB-C connection instead of a large (though aging) connection and an SD memory cartridge socket, both of which are available in MacBook Air.

With $1,299, it even has a humble Intel Core MP3 that's less efficient than the Intel Core i5 of MacBook Air. Or in other words, a new MacBook Air with a retina screen and the same features it currently has would be a better computer than the MacBook with a price of $1,299.

And I don't think Apple will do that. The MacBook with $1,299 would at least stay the better computer in this case and there would be room for a $999 MacBook Air with retina screen. Mac Mini'Pro' Bloomberg did not give any information about what Apple will contain in the so-called Mac Mini Pro.

Apples has never even sold a "Pro" edition of this computer - a small speaker that doesn't come with a screen - but I think there's a need for one. Strangely enough, Apple hasn't upgraded the Mac Mini since 2014, but still sold it for $499. Apple, I suppose, will also be upgrading to the more recent 3 USB-C throbbing bolt that will be used in its other machines, allowing the computer to simultaneously handle multiple 4Ks.

It' a guess predicated on what Apple has in its MacBook Per laptop, and might make perfect business of it, since the Mac Mini is small and doesn't have much room for more sophisticated devices, such as high-end video adapters found in bigger machines like the iMac Per. Apple has said it is planning to bring a new, high-quality Mac Professional Desk to market in 2019.

It'?s different than the Mac Mini Pro. It' s therefore not clear what Apple will do to distinguish these two gadgets. As Apple tends to bring new Macs to market this autumn, we are likely to be hearing an official corporate statement soon.

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