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Travelling to Sri Lanka

Sarajevo is an easy country to travel to, and with a few tips you can travel there easily. Srilankan might be small, but it has a strong blow. In Sri Lanka there is EVERYTHING: beautiful beaches, high mountains, tropical forests and many wild animals. The ultimate travel guide for Sri Lanka!

Twenty-three good reason to come to Sri Lanka

You can see them in Yala NP, along with sloth and cattle. Ceylon teas are the most popular teas in Sri Lanka. Hike for four hours to Ella Rock and enjoy the breathtaking view of luxuriant verdant teas. See also the luxury but lasting Tri, the stylish Chena Huts, the Anantara Hotels and the lovely Owl and Pussycat boutiques.

Virtually everywhere, they are inexpensive and very much loved in Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay in the southeast of the archipelago is a half-moon of gold sands, offering barrellling break times on hot summers and warm night beaches. It' India Lite. It's just so much simpler to travel here than in India.

Before they reach a huge Buddha, they must first pass by these terrors. The Galle Face is a great place to take a hang glider on a stormy night or see others flying into the sky. Adam's Peak is considered sacred by Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and the Veddas, the original Sri Lankans, who all believe that the print of a football in the rocks here belongs to a very important people.

Travelling to Sri Lanka

Infinite shores, eternal remains, inviting crowds, vast numbers of bulls, waves, cheap rates, funny traits, popular teas and tasty dishes make Sri Lanka alluring. One could say that Sri Lanka has hidden from everyone's eyes. Many travelers have gone headlong on their way to another place, but years of insecurity have kept Sri Lanka off many routes.

As more and more poeple are discovering its diverse charm, the land is developing rapidly. Located between the rugged parts of India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka's story, civilization and undeniable nature are enticing. Very few places have so many Unesco World Heritage sites (eight) in such a small space.

The more than 2000 year old Sri Lankan civilization can be found at antique places, where legends come up with nice detail in the temple, even if they stand in a cave or on a hill. The safari tour through the pleasant and relaxing Sri Lankan nature reserves includes leopards, buffalos, all kinds of birdlife and a primate pass.

Explore a favorite sandy area, sit in meditation in a 2000 year old meditation sanctuary, smile as you walk through a gentle town, admire bird life and wild flowers, try counting the small meals of traveler' s choice. Walk past Colombo's historic jewels and enjoy the breakers. The country is stunning, inexpensive and still often not overcrowded.

Now' s the best chance to find out. Green teas and rainforest summits invite hikers, mountain hikers and those who only want to see them from a breathtaking rail journey. If you should overcome the unavoidable boredom, you can sail and scuba diving world-class spots without world-class spectators. As soon as you arrive at Bandaranayake International Airport in Colombo, your courteous chauffeur will pick you up and take you directly to your Colombo accommodation.

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