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All SriLankan Airlines (marketed as SriLankan) is the flag of Sri Lanka and a member of the oneworld airline alliance. Don't forget to take a look at the routes offered by SriLankan Airlines when booking airline tickets! SriLankan Airlines | Book flights and save The SriLankan Airlines is the flagship of Sri Lanka and is based in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. It is a member of the Oneworld-Allianz. The SriLankan Airlines serves many cities such as Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Chennai, Colombo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Kunming, Kuala Lumpur and many others.

Founded in 1979, SriLanka Airlines currently serves 94 routes in 44 different nationalities. SriLankan Airlines won the "Superior Achievement in Passenger Experience" awards from APEX Passenger Choice Awards and Future Travel Awards 2015 in 2015: The SriLankan Airlines has code share arrangements with Air Berlin, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, S7 Airlines, Air Canada, Air India, Alitalia, Asiana Airlines, Cinnamon Air, Etihad Airways, Niki, Oman Air and Saudia.

SriLankan Airlines will launch three times a week in January 2016 as the first carrier to offer non-stop services between Guangzhou and Colombo on the southern Chinese domestic airspace. Sri Lankan navy has luxury seating with great inclination and width. All of SriLankan Airlines runs a FlySmiles programme to encourage repeat customers.

The SriLankan Group is a member of the world's largest online aviation alliances. Ateworld is a consortium of the world's premier carriers dedicated to offering the highest levels of comfort and services to regular travelers worldwide. The SriLankan Airways is letting its customers in: The SriLankan Group has good relationships with a few carriers around the globe, in additional to the code share arrangements they currently have, the company has applied to become part of the 2014 Understanding.

Following an agreement with the Alliance, the carrier was certified and SriLankan Airlines immediately began to upgrade its aircraft and buy more aircraft. The Sri Lankan carriers expect the new aircraft to increase the number of passengers by 2017, as they try to expand their range with new flights and eliminate those less in demand.

VIPula Gunatilleka is the new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for SriLankan Airlines. The SriLankan Airlines renews its executive board. Starting next week, SriLankan Airlines Chairman Ranjith Fernando said that Vipula Gunatilleka would take over tasks. AriLankan Airlines posts records in passenger revenueSriLankan Airlines, the flag of the insular state, said on Monday that it had posted records of $830 in 2017-18 passengers revenues, the highest ever in the company's 38-year track record. SriLankan Airlines is the world's largest airline in the 2017-18 year.

This was the first case in which theairlin achieved its sales goal since Emirates retired as an IT management partner 10 years ago. This is happening at a tumultuous period for the sector, with most carriers finding it difficult to maintain revenues due to fierce competitive pressure. The SriLankan has just finished a year of significant growth with minimum yield erosion and ended the year well above its sales target," Ratwatte said.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisenaa appointed a special Presidential Commission in February to examine allegations of large-scale fraud and misconduct at Sri Lankan Airlines after the airline suffered heavy casualties. The SriLankan Airlines, the National Carrier of Sri Lanka and member of the on-eworld-Allianz, has received three distinctions at the Golden City Gate Award 2018 at ITB Berlin, the world's biggest tourist exhibition.

For its Melbourne introductory two cities, one spirit initiative, SriLankan Airlines was named a First Star in the Advertising Star rating section. "In addition, the "Second Star" was packaged in the same catagory for the China trademark promotion under the motto "The Spirit of China, the Story of Sri Lanka". "The third, another "Second Star", was given to SriLankan for his Largest Carrier to India in the TV Cinema Spot section.

For the second year running, the company was awarded on the Golden City Gate stage after winning the "First Star" in the MICE Promotions catagory last year for its target movie "Epic Journey of Sri Lanka on SriLankan Airlines". Sri Lanka Airlines Chairman Ajith Dias said: "At SriLankan Airlines, we are very pleased to have received three renowned Golden City Gate Award recognitions this year.

" At present, the company offers services to 14 India destination, which will soon become 19. The Sri Lankan flags, which have already built up a solid foothold in the nation, are planning five weekly departures to New Delhi and Mumbai, as well as some brand-new itineraries.

India being the largest originating Sri Lankan territory, the carrier already has a broad presence throughout the state. By 2017, the number of tourists arriving in Sri Lanka had risen to an all-time high of 2,116,407," according to a Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority press statement. SriLankan Airlines currently offers 14 India based non-stop services with a combined weekly capacity of 135 frequencies.

This improvement means that there are now two departures per diem on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays that differ from their previous everyday services, the carrier said in a declaration. There will be new services from Doha on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 4.35 pm and from Colombo at 11.50 pm. Thursday the plane leaves Doha at 4.30 pm and lands in Colombo at 11.45 pm.

50 am and arriving in Colombo at 6.05 am the next morning. According to the company, the increased capacities "come after an increased need for passengers, both from Qatar traveling abroad and from the labor of migrants. "Srilankan' s domestic carriers are reinforcing their services following the arrivals of several highly developed new Airbus A320s and A330s, which they are operating in both the Middle East and Southern Asia," she added.

The SriLankan Airlines is a member of the Oneworld Alliance. "Sri Lanka has revised its worldwide rail strategy to concentrate on more profitable destinations throughout Asia, encompassing the Middle East, South Asia, the Far East and the Indian Ocean, and offers low-cost links via Colombo. She recently started non-stop flights to Melbourne on a day-to-day basis," it continues.

From its Colombo hubs, the carrier runs a routes to 103 towns and villages. The Oneworld members also connect over 1,000 towns in 160 states. Sri Lanka has recently been honored with a number of prestigious awards. This includes a four-star ratings of the Association in the first ever comprehensive program exclusively on the basis of passengers' responses.

When SriLankan Airways was selected as the regional aviation industry's "Leading International Airline" at the second edition of the 2017 edition of the Southern Asian Travel Awards, it won over other carriers from several different nations, while SriLankan's Business Class was voted "Best in Class" among all cabins in the area.

Prizes were awarded in 50 different category areas across the whole leisure sector, which included full-service carriers, low-cost carriers, hotel companies, various kinds of resort, meeting venues, tourist offices, tourist agents, leisure companies, adventurous tourists, spa centers, airport companies, suppliers of tourist technologies, transportation companies and even CSR initiatives of the sector. Mr Dimuthu Tennakoon, Head of Worldwide Sales Delivery at SriLankan Airlines, said: "These distinctions reflect SriLankan Airlines' high all-round commitment to excellence, from the selection of our passenger destination to our outstanding products and services both in the skies and on the ground on our worldwide itinerary.

SriLankan has recently received numerous awards such as " World's Leading Airlines Operating to the Indian Ocean Region" at the World Travel Awards, "Best Full Service Airlines in Central and South Asia" for the second year running at the Future Travel Experience Asia Awards, "Best International Airlines - Asia" at the Tamil Nadu Tourism Awards, "Most Innovating Airlines in China" from Life Weekly Magazin and "Best Airlines in South Asia" at the Top Travel Awards, also in China.

A few short months ago, SriLankan Airlines was awarded a four-star credit mark by the Passenger Experience Association (APEX) as part of the first ever passenger feedback-based program for airlines worldwide. SriLankan Airlines was selected as the "Leading Carrier in South Asia" in an effort to beat Air India, Indian Airlines, Druk Air, Himalaya Airlines and Nepal Airlines, who were the other nominated airlines, against the rest.

In the " Best in Classe " section, there was a contest between various First and Business classes and Economy classes nominated including Air Asia, Air India and Jet Airways. From its Colombo base, Sri Lanka's award-winning domestic air company, which is a member of the renowned on-eworld air travel group, runs a routes system of 106 towns and villages with a state-of-the-art air transport base that offers business grade flat beds and superior in-flight entertainment as well as first rate care and heating.

First South Asian Travelling Award was presented in Sri Lanka in 2016 and India will be hosting the award next year. The Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lanka's domestic airline, said it had taken another significant leap forward in expanding its routes by adding non-stop flights to Melbourne on 29 October 2017 and offering travellers around the globe a comfortable way to stop by in Australia and travellers from Down Under the possibility to tour the globe via fast lines in Colombo.

Ayith Dias, Chairman of Sri Lanka's National Carrier, said: "At SriLankan Airlines we are pleased to introduce this new feature, which would undoubtedly be of great benefit to all travellers, encompassing the large number of Australian residents of Sri Lanka, the many Australians who like to go abroad and those throughout Asia who are visiting Down Under.

" The expatriate and student Sri Lankans make up a large and significant Australian fellowship and often return home. Most of them live in Melbourne and other towns in the state of Victoria and neighbouring New South Wales, with fewer inhabitants in the remainder of Australia and New Zealand.

Suren Ratwatte, SriLankan Airlines Chief Executive Officer, said: "We' ve systemically expanded our routes throughout Asia - from the Middle East to the Far East - and can now offer Australia's travellers outstanding connections, with one-stop travel to the most favourite destination via Colombo.

" As a member of the renowned worldwide air travel association Onworld, SriLankan provides cheap flights to 14 major Indian towns, nine in the Middle East and other Maldives and Seychelles such as Male and Gan Island. Sri Lanka and Australia are also served twice a day by Sri Lanka Airlines and its code share partner Qantas and Malaysia Airlines.

Air travelers benefit from the comfort of the airline's state-of-the-art Airbus A330s between Melbourne and Colombo, with flat-bed accommodation in full SWISS Classic, superior in-flight dining and first-class services provided by Sri Lanka's award-winning cockpit crews. The SriLankan company has risen to 8th place worldwide in IATA Fuels Literacy after 22 month of implementing a variety of actions to improve and save fuels to lower consumption.

Sri Lanka was ranked 8th by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2016 with an energy performance of 34.86Ltr/100RTK (litres per 100 revenues tonne-kilometres). Thanks to the effort and capabilities of its pilots, SriLankan Airline saved more than $2.3 million compared to the 22-month scheduled burnup between August 2015 and June 2017.

Fuels are the biggest expense item for any carrier, and with rising gas oil fares, our pilots' efforts are helping to reduce our operating expenses. In its latest flight plan updates, SriLankan Airlines has submitted changes to its 2017/18 2017/18 2017/18 2017/18 flight plan with effect from 29OCT17. Columbo - Mumbai rms 29OCT17 Rise from 1 to 2 DailyAs previously announced, the one-world member will be resuming the Columbo - Melbourne 29OCT17 services.

Burma National Airlines (MNA), a state-owned carrier, will expand the wings to the Chinese Chengdu, a reported citing a flight company CEO who reported on Friday. Its proposed timetable will be implemented in addition to 26 national targets and some additional global itineraries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Gaya, said U Than Tun, MNA' s CEO.

In August 2015, MNA took off on its first Boeing 737-800 to Singapore, followed by its second to Hong Kong in December of the same year and to Bangkok in February 2016. Myanmar's oldest carrier, established in 1948, introduced reform in 2015 and expanded its local and overseas operations to keep pace with the global carriers that fly between Myanmar's major airport hubs.

In December 2014, MNA was changed from the state-owned Myanmar Airways (MA) to MNA after corporatisation. Myanmar-based Myanmar-based local privately owned carriers have attained eight, while Myanmar-based overseas carriers have remained at 24 according to the numbers available so far. The SriLankan airline will introduce a new non-stop flight from Melbourne to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The SriLankan Airlines is launching a new non-stop route from Melbourne to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka. When SriLankan Airlines starts its new flights from Melbourne to the Sri Lankan capitol Columbo on 29 October, Australians will be able to connect Sri Lanka and the Malaysian islands from a single source. Scheduled for operation every day, the A330-200 will operate a 10-hour, 50-minute 50-minute round-trip air journey to Columbo, avoiding the classic Singapore and Kuala Lumpur stopovers.

Sri Lanka, which belongs to the on-eworld familiy, last operated non-stop airlifts to Australia in the 90s. There will be new departures from Melbourne at 16.55 and arrivals in Colombo at 10. 50 o'clock to get to Melbourne at 15:25. Combine a sojourn in Sri Lanka with a scenic drive to the Maldives or Male, the Maldives' capitol, or directly to their most southern islands, Gan Islands, in the Addu Atoll, whose Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa is one of the resort's destinations.

Australasia is home to one of the biggest Sri Lankan emigrant groups, many of whom live in and around Melbourne, the capitol of the Australian garden state of Victoria. This, together with the enormous commercial trip potentials and the increasing number of students in Victoria, persuaded the airline to consider introducing non-stop connections to Melbourne on a day-to-day basis.

Nonstop flights will also make it easier for Middle Eastern and South Asian travellers looking to connect via Colombo to/from Australia. It will operate Airbus 330-200 aircrafts on the routes and offer its customers state-of-the-art on-board comfort, backed by award-winning customer care and the world-renowned Sri Lankan cordiality and warmth.

Pending government approval, the 4-week Colombo - Bangkok - Guangzhou A330-200/-300 will become a Colombo - Guangzhou day-to-day flight, operating from 15 July17 by A3321. This latest adaptation will allow the Colombo - Bangkok sectors to raise the number of flights from 14 to 21 per week instead of the 25 previously mentioned. Earlier announced, the member of one-World also shares the Colombo - Bangkok - Hong Kong office, where Hong Kong will be receiving 17 5 non-stop services per week from July 15th on.

The SriLankan Airlines airline has confirmed that it will begin operating four day a week non-stop services from Visakhapatnam to Colombo from 8 July. Andhra Pradesh is the only Andhra Pradesh airline in the world to offer this service. Four weekly departures are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, according to the Tours and Travels Association of Andhra Pradesh. Departure from Colombo will take place at 7.10 a.m. and arrival at the Andhra Pradesh seaport at 9.10 a.m.

In the last flight plan upgrade, SriLankan Airlines submitted further changes for Bangkok and Guangzhou. Pending government approval, the 4-week Colombo - Bangkok - Guangzhou A330-200/-300 will become a Colombo - Guangzhou day-to-day flight, operating from A321 from 15 July17. cmb1410 - 2230can 321 235ul880 cmb1440 - 2300can 321 7ul880 cmb1705 - 0125+1can 321 146ul881 can0200 - 0500cmb 321 X 257UL881 can0300 - 0600cmb 321 257With this last adaptation, the Colombo - Bangkok section will raise the frequencies from 14 to 21 weeks instead of the 25th one previously mentioned.

Earlier this year, the member of one-World also shares the Colombo - Bangkok - Hong Kong office, where Hong Kong will be receiving 17 5 non-stop daily services per week from July 15th on. The SriLankan Airlines airline announces that after the end of the franchise owned by Customs Free Partners, it will begin operating its domestic customs-free operations.

It probably starts with a 4x a week Colombo Int'l to Hyderabad Int'l, India and a 1x a week trip to Vishakhapatnam. For SriLankan Airlines at least four aircraft are expected, two from AerCap and two from Air Lease Corporation. SriLankan Airlines in April 2017 announces that it will extend the operating frequency of the Colombo - Delhi line, which is currently operated every day, from July 2017.

Starting 15 July17 , the company will be increased from 7 to 11 per week with a new red-eye/early morning airfare. SriLankan Airlines in July 2017 announces that it will begin operating non-stop routes from Hong Kong to Colombo. The SriLankan Airlines, the Sri Lankan flag carriers, today announce the launch of Hong Kong-Colombo non-stop operations with effect from 15 July 2017.

The SriLankan will provide five non-stop non-stop daily departures per week from Hong Kong to Colombo, linking 48 country and 101 destination within the SriLankan hub and over 1000 destination via the SriLankan hub of the on-eworld coalition. SriLankan Airlines has taken another step forward with the launch of Hong Kong-Colombia Express, which focuses on the Hong Kong area, providing a smooth journey for Hong Kong and Hong Kong travelers traveling to Near East cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman;

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