Cessna 180 for Sale

180 Cessna for sale

4 CESSNA 180 SERIES aircraft for sale. CESSNA FS 180/182 Engine mount - $1,695 - SOLD BY THE OWNER - CESSNA Engine mount from 1960 182C. Cessna 180D, 2, 355. Cessna 180A for sale, 6, 1726.

Homepage - International 180/185 Club, Inc.

Pilot are proud to blow these "workhorses" out of the skies. Supporting fly-ins in the United States, Canada and Mexico, our members have the chance to experience the community of people with different professions and interests who have the same denominator of travel. Our aim is "to encourage and encourage the fun and adventures of air travel on Cessna 180/185 aircraft".

Every year our club organizes a large annual event, the so-called International Club Meeting, which is held somewhere in the USA or Canada. Organised by club members, these fly-in meetings provide an excellent way to share the companionship of your fellow club members and provide a forum for exchanging flight experiences. The Club Newsletters are issued six issues a year.

Our newsletter contains member flight event information, member trip and incident reporting, member engineering information and service notes, and a classified section that lists aircraft and parts offered for sale or requested by members of our group. Club members can use this website to look for professional publications and advice, old newsletter and our on-line classification section.

Notice: The STC and other FAA documents are only available to club members through this Web site. Forum blogging provides members with an excellent way to exchange information on a wide range of topics, from aircraft service to aircraft upkeep. We offer three types of club memberships - Regular, Sustainable and Associated. Welcome to the International 180/185 Club.

180/185 Cessna aircraft for sale

Cessna 180, the early version, was fitted with two side doors and later with three. Cessna 180's first sale was fitted with a 230 hp motor and had a total of two thousand five hundred and fifty lbs. Cessna 180 for sale, which is shown below.

Cessna 185 was also known as Skywagon. Again this version is fitted with a pull-in chassis. Cessna 185 was modelled directly after Cessna 180. Cessna 185 had about seventy hp more according to the year of manufacture and could also be fitted with amphibian swimmers. When you are in the bazaar for one of these Cessna's, we have an outstanding stock for sale.

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