Taxi Cost from Bcn to City Center

Taxis from Bcn to City Center

What does a taxi cost from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city centre? The city centre can also be reached with the shared Aerobus transfer (shuttle). The best Barcelona airport transfer to Las Ramblas? F: We have reserved a Las Ramblas based accommodation and would like to know which is the best way to get from Barcelona to Las Ramblas? There are several transport possibilities from the BCN El Prat de Llobregat to Las Ramblas and what is best will depend on your situation and the following factors:

Would you like to be transported from room to room or are you able to cover part of the route on foot? Would you like the comfort of booking your transfer in advanced and having someone collect you or do you agree to go your own way? What kind of air base do you reach?

Which part of the Las Ramblas do you want to go to exactly? The Ramblas is a long promenade - almost 1.2 km long. You will need different kinds of transport according to where your accommodation is located. As soon as we have gone through every kind of transport possibility, you can make the right choice, according to your particular needs.

However, before we begin, I think it is best if you have an understanding of the Las Ramblas geographical area, because we will deal with it in this reply. You can see Las Ramblas from the Plaça de Catalunya in the northern part to the Columbus Memorial (Mirador de Colom) in the southern part of the city.

Many of the most important Las Ramblas properties have also been listed so that you can find out where your property is. A map of Las Ramblas showing the city, the nearest subway stations and the school. The Barcelona Aquarium - loved by children and I have to say that I enjoyed it too. Place Reial, a nice place in the centre of Barcelona.

Miró tiles on the Ramblas - When you are visiting, look for the tiles Miró has written on, is it there - but will you discover them? Since there is no rail service from T1, if you really want to take the T1, you must first take the free shuttles between T1 and T2.

Trains are good if you have a large amount of cumbersome baggage, as there is lots of space in the trains. RENFE from T2 at Barcelona International to the following 3 downtown stops: 1. Sants Estació, 3. clothes. It is important to know that the Passeig de Gràcia is also linked by the subway.

This is why you can get off at the Passeig de Gràcia stop and then take the Green Line underground to Las Ramblasv. First thing to note on the above card is that there are actually 3 subway stations in Las Ramblas. It'?s Catalunya, Liceu and Drassanes. All these three stations are located on the green subway line 3.

As soon as you have determined where your Rambla resort is, you can take the next subway station where you can get off. When you plan to use local transportation to get around Barcelona, it is best to buy either the Barcelona Travel Pass, Barcelona Card or T10 for your trip on the RENFE rail.

Then at the Passeig de Gràcia railway stop you can take the RENFE trains from the Passeig de Gràcia railway stop and take the underground to one of the three stations mentioned above. The RENFE is a good choice if you are arriving at your destination or if you have cumbersome baggage. In Passeig de Gràcia, if you don't care about changing from the trains to the subway, this is a good economic choice to consider.

It is also necessary to take the Gràcia Passig to take the subway to La Rambla. There is an international rail service every 30 min. and no overnight service. However, you are paying more for the Aerobus than TMB and cannot use the Barcelona Transport Pass, Barcelona Card or T10 tickets.

Aerobus bus fares must be purchased from a pay terminal at the Aerobus stop. At Plaça de Catalunya, you can either go to your accommodation on foot or, if your accommodation is further down in La Rambla, take the Catalan underground to the next station of your accommodation.

They would also have to buy a seperate subway pass to complete this stage of the itinerary. Aerobus is a fast way to reach Plaça de Catalunya from the T1 or 2 airports. Disadvantages: It is more expensive than the TMB or RENFE buses and you cannot use any of the Barcelona transportation cards or rail cards listed above.

Only the Plaça de Catalunya is accessible, so you still have to go on foot to your La Ramblas guesthouse or by subway. Airport TMB shuttle. Both T1 and 2 are connected. Both the Barcelona Tourist Pass and the T10 can be used on this coach.

There is also less baggage room, so it could be a little narrower than the other means of transportation. The Barcelona Card, Barcelona Travel Pass or T10 tickets can be used on the TMB coach - an inexpensive way to reach Catalunya square in the city center.

When you arrive in Catalonia, you can either go to your accommodation on foot or take the Catalan subway to the next stop on La Rambla. You can use the T10 travel pass, the Barcelona Travel Pass and the Barcelona Card as a cheap means of transportation from T1 or 2.

It is possible to take the coach both during the morning and evening. Disadvantages: Less baggage compartment means that it could be narrow at high traffic volumes, the trip lasts longer than with other means of transportation. From Catalonia's railway stations you have to go to your accommodation on foot or by underground. A taxi from the airports is a comfortable way to get to Las Ramblas.

For a Las Ramblas ticket the price is about 25,00 ?. It' probably the easiest, easiest and fastest way to get to the city-center. Another major benefit of a taxi is that it usually has a door-to-door facility. Occasionally the name of the hostel is on a one-way road that the taxi can' t reach.

In general, however, the taxi cab operator can park you directly in front of your accommodation. A taxi is recommended for the fare if it is your first time in Barcelona, especially if you are in a small group. This is one of the most comfortable means of transport from Barcelona to Las Ramblas city.

Until 4 persons can go in the cabin with baggage, some cabs have a specific licence for up to 6 persons, but it is best to book them in advanced. When you arrive at the taxi station, you will have to ask a taxi companion to get you a taxi for 6 persons.

Please be aware that you may have a wait because only a small proportion of taxi drivers in Barcelona are licensed to transport 6 people. There are no difficulties in searching for an apartment, as the taxi operator will park you in front of your guesthouse. Works from both T1 and 2. Cabin cannot hold more than 4 or 6 persons if taxi has specific licence.

The common mini bus transfers ensures that you are taken from house to house for your Las Ramblas resort accommodation. They have a lot of baggage room and can go in bigger groups. You' gonna have someone to wait for your birthday dance at the airfield. Of all the means of transport, this is probably the least burdensome as you organise it in advance and someone is at the airport to help you.

Disadvantages: It is more costly to organize this kind of shipment. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what some of the best ways to organise your transfer to Las Ramblas are. Be sure to check all the above link for much more details on each means of travel.

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