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The newsletter also offers email offers, special promotion codes and discounts. Originally, the offer consisted of two return tickets to selected destinations in Europe, which proved very successful in reducing the surplus. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Hoover's free flight promotional campaign was a promotional campaign that began in 1992. In order to resell excess laundry equipment and vacuums, the Hoover Company's UK department pledged free air fares to clients who had bought more than 100 pounds' worth product. Originally the offer consisted of two return trips to selected European cities, which have proven very effective in reducing the oversupply.

Since only a few clients actually took the coupons, Hoover extended its offer to US travelers. At that time, however, consumers' feedback rose dramatically as Hoover offered around 600 in air fares for just 100 pounds. To satisfy the need for the lowest cost qualified hoover, the hoover manufacturer had to convert to seven days of work and recruit extra staff.

A few clients bought the equipment and then abandoned it in the shops. Estimates were that enough folks tried to turn their coupons into ticket to fill 500 Boeing 747 (the biggest airliners of that time). Eventually, the 30 million in additional pounds of sale generated by the campaign were eclipsed by the 50 million pounds it took to buy aircraft seating and meet the rights of those (the majority) who did not get a ticket.

Following the catastrophe, which almost killed the business to the tune of 50 million, Hoover's UK department was divested to Italy's producer Canon.

Find low cost airfares

Everyone likes a lot, and airline trips are costly, which is why there are many sites to help you do just that: find the best available flight deals. Is it still possible to find a cheaper ticket? Even though more than ever before, fares have stayed high and there are several causes for this.

Thirdly, many carriers have reduced their capacities (fewer departures or smaller aircraft) or removed inefficient itineraries, which means that fewer places can be offered with discounts (have you ever noticed how full the departures are these days?). Nevertheless, there are offers if you know how to buy and where to look with minimum efforts (this is not about free flight trip chopping, because this is a tale for another day).

As well as the various web pages that have only the task of posting nothing but last-minute deals, there are now online utilities that use large amounts of information to actually forecast when fares will be lowest. So, before you make your next booking, you can make some money savings with these hints (which consist of expert advice, pages of travels and our own experience).

Where to look with so many pages to select from? When you' re under pressure, look in Google Flights. Once you have entered your preferred destination(s) and data, you will not only receive the cheapest fare for the chosen date (s), but also the fare for other periods. Tariffs can also be displayed graphically and Google can be monitored for changes in tariff.

It also gives hints on when to go and shows you the cost differential for a higher level of experience. However, Google Flights does not process any payment traffic. As soon as you have found an optimal route, you must make a reservation via the airline's website or a website such as Priceline, CheapOair, Orbitz or Expedia.

Google Flights is of course not the be-all and end-all when it comes to comparing prices. Browse also Hipmunk, Skyscanner, Routehappy and Momondo to make sure there's no better offer than what you'll find on Google Flights, especially if you're planing an overseas journey (we especially like how Hipmunk shows its results).

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