Institute of Chartered Accountants

The Institute of Auditors

The ISCA is the national accounting body of Singapore and the Notified Body that confers the CA (Singapore) designation. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England und Wales (ICAEW). The ICAN has undertaken to regulate the accounting profession in Nepal. The ICAN has great values of membership in ICAN and is an integral part of the Institute. Das Institute of Chartered Accountants en Irlande.

This is how you become an auditor

Ensure that you get a college entrance matriculation with good grades in mathematics and bookkeeping (these are the foundation of your wisdom and, while the real subject-matter is not earth-shatteringly useful, reasoning and reasoning are crucial). Register at a college or college for a SAICA accredited CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy, which is also your honorary year) diploma.

You can find a listing of SAICA-accredited colleges and universities here. Finish your studies and get enough good grades to join the CTA - then finish the CTA. A number of our coaching agencies allow you to achieve your learning outcomes (step 4 below) at the same times as studying for your diploma and CTA.

If you decide to take this route, you can study part-time at UNISA during your studies. You can work part-time at UNISA for your CTA or register for night work at Monash University. When you decide on UNISA, you can attend courses from various institutes such as Graduate Achievers or Edge Business School.

Graduation and the CTA are both quite demanding, so you need to consider thoroughly whether you can handle this part-time job during your work. When you begin your learning at the beginning of the CTA or after the CTA, you must sign a 3-year fixed-term training agreement. It is an agreement that works in connection with your SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) study.

At the end of 18 month of your apprenticeship you are entitled. Upon completion of your learning and successful completion of both parts of the course, you will be qualified as CA(SA) - a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

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