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Monarch's downfall was the collapse of the largest British airline of all time. What is the destination of British departures? They can operate short-haul flights to European cities from Newcastle, Bristol or other European cities, or long-haul flights to Asia or North America from Gatwick or Heathrow. What are the largest airlines in the UK? EasyJet, Ryanair and British Airways are the largest airlines in the UK.

What are the most congested airfields in the UK? London is one of the UK's most congested cities with London Gatwick, London Stansted, London Luton and London Thames. Those airfields service most people. It is the UK's biggest and one of the most congested airfields in the rest of the year. More than 75 million travellers pass through Helathrow every year, which is larger than the UK populace.

What are the UK's major global destinations? Bristol is one of the most important London destinations in the UK. The most important London destinations are London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, London Stansted, London Luton, London City, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Glasgow Internationals. There are also smaller overseas aerodromes such as Exeter and Cardiff as well as Southampton.

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It not only boasts stunning sells, which previously contained a promotional gift of 20,000 free places, but also stunning rates - for example, in April you can travel from Manchester to Mallorca for just £26 per leg. Find out more about the top 10 low-cost airlines here:

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Everyone who has flown for a vacation will know that these can cause a significant bump in your budget, so if you find a lot, it can help make a good itinerary! On the one hand, the carrier has an amazing selection of British destinations from which to operate from Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle and Belfast International.

There are all the famous places that are offered as part of the timetable to favourite vacation spots such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Croatia and Cyprus. And don't forget that the carrier also offers many low-cost vacation offers via Net2Holidays. "TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for airlines is built on the experience of the customer who pays, making them truly prestigious and all the more worthwhile.

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