Cessna 210 Rental

Rent Cessna 210

Rent: $ 215; horsepower: 300; TAS: 167; fuel capacity: 89; payload: 1472.

Cessna 210 is a six-seater, powerful, retractable, single-engined and high-flying aircraft. 1-hour $210.00 Rental flights subject to 6% VAT. The Elite Aviation Group offers a diverse fleet of aircraft for rent. The company bought a C210 for aerial photography.


The Elite Aviation Group provides a wide range of aircrafts for rent. No matter whether you are interested in flying trainings, sight seeing or hiring an airplane for your private or commercial trips, we have everything under control. The rental prices quoted contain petrol, and the flights can be scheduled around the clock either on-line or by telephone at (303) 774-8081 during regular office hour.

Rent Cessna 210

We bought a 210 cm camera for air photography. We' re gonna need 5-10 of our fighter planes examined in this cell. Anyone in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York/Deleware/Maryland area know where we can get a B210 for teaching use? I am not sure if they will be rented, but is it possible that the pilot will need "current flying experience"?

I have a little more than 25 hrs in a R210 and probably some others that might help. Can you do it in a 206? They're a little different than flying, even though the early 206 is built on a fix gearing model of the 210....

It has to be withdrawn and the chief wants it in the same make/model as m210.

Maintenance of aircrafts at the lake of Ozarks

The Cessna 172 is a four-seater aircraft with one motor and intercoms with four seats. Cessna 172 is an outstanding, approved aircraft. It' s high flying construction is perfectly suited for viewing, and its robustness and forgiveness makes it suitable for any flying training. Fulfilling the strict FAA service standards for business and instructive operation.

We have a service schedule that covers every 100 flyinghours and a complete breakdown of the engines every 2000 flying hours. Airplane servicing is something we take very seriously. All our aircrafts are serviced by the Lake Aviation Center Repair Department. The Lake Aviation Center has more than 30 years of expertise and a proven track record of doing things right and meeting all FAA-requirements.

Our full-service aircraft maintanance division makes sure that the aircraft remains in a secure operational state. The aircraft is continually inspected by our IA and A&P accredited technicians to identify issues before they arise.

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