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The Bright House Networks, LLC was an American telecommunications company. The Bright House offers high-speed Internet over a reliable cable connection. They now belong to Spectrum for cable TV, telephone and internet service. Check all Bright House Television and Bundle offers and plans. What makes you think you can shop at BrightHouse?

Light house number - Customer service

To reach Bright House: To call our support team, use the toll-free numbers below. If you call, you will be asked the following question. First, please say or type in your telephone number along with the area number. Thank you for a minute while I look up your bankroll; okay, I have it, now in a few words please tell me what you're phoning about.

Well, what's your excuse for making a call? Client care. I' ll try to get you quickly to the right place for help; please tell me briefly why you're phoning. I' m out of line. Need help with the Wi-Fi connections, is that right? OK, the tech supports for the web access; we've sent a message to your gear that can solve the problem you're having and usually takes effect immediately, but it can sometimes take a few moments. When you're done, you can just go off the phone, otherwise say Master Key or hit 9; for help, say Help or hit *.

All right, I'll refer you to a technical supporter who will assist you.

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Within the framework of the current conversion, pension and assurance issues will be handled by MetLife. When you work with a finance specialist, you may choose to approach them at your own convenience. You can also come and see MetLife or call us at one of the phone numbers below: I' ve got your policy: Handicapped guidelines:

The Bright House customers: They are now part of Spectrum for CATV, telephone and web-services.

On Tuesday Charter officially launched the new mark officially on a local basis, with unified prices with no contract awards, no lead times and a 30-day back-of-money guarantee. "It is our aim to make this move as seamless as possible for our customers," said Joe Durkin, Charter's Florida communication manager.

"As an old Bright House client, you don't have to do anything - you stay with the prize and the bundle you have. "Dr. Durkin said that clients can attend for detail of Triple Select play, Triple Select silver and Triple Select golden packs. Essential Select bundle begins at $29. 99 per monthly each for wire TV, 60 megabit per second web services and unrestricted national calls, or $89. 97 in full.

Other levels are escalating in the available prime nets and in pricing, and there are lower rates for de-bundled work. The Spectrum provides up to 300 Mbps speed on the web. Charters caters to more than 2 million homes in the Tampa and Orlando market. So far, the Charta has prevented the common issues faced by Frontier Communications when it took over Verizon's traditional fixed, wireless and wireless communications business this year.

Complaints from Verizon clients who had woken up to Frontier on April 1 about prolonged downtime, degraded levels of support and bad technician responses were immediate and repeated. There has been an enormous amount of work since the announcement of the charter deals in May to bring the three businesses together into one," Durkin said.

"It is a really stealthy business with little or no effect on the client and we will continue it in the future. "However, clients will begin to notice the Spectrum trademark on their invoices, on corporate vehicles and devices, and on employees' uniform. Though Durkin refused to deal directly with the fates of the Bright House Field, the Philadelphia Phillies' Springs Home, and the Clearwater Threshers minor leather ball team's home of the seasons, he said the Bright House name "changes over the footballprint.

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