Airbus A3 Silicon Valley

A3 Airbus Silicon Valley

Airbus A³ is the Silicon Valley R&D outpost of Airbus. Latest Airbus A³ tweets (@AirbusSV). A 3 vahana team in the nest. An A3 by Airbus Group panel discussion will take place this week.

The Boeing, is known above all for large aircraft such as the double-decker A380.

Airbus A³ (

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Powered by an electrical chopper (the battery is about 1/3 of the take-off mass) - a cruising distance of about 20 km and 1.63 $/km running costs.... Electrically operated tilting wings (the battery is about 1/3 of the take-off mass) - a cruising distance of about 50 km and 1.24 $/km running costs.

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The A3 is the satellite of Silicon Valley of Airbus Group SE, the mother of Airbus (the world's largest provider of large airliners ), Airbus Hlicopters (the world's largest manufacturer of civilian helidecks, formerly Eurocopter), and Airbus Defence and Space (which manufactures spacecraft, UAVs and various defence related equipment, combining the former Astrium, Kassidian and Surrey satellite technologies, etc.).

Airbus' corporate objective is to make things work. At A3, our task is to disturb the Airbus Group (and the competition) before anyone else can.

Airbus Group A³ relies on cross-branding patterns to identify revenue opportunities.

Airbus worked with Peloton and Reebok to show a life-size model of an on-board gymnastics room in its Transpose cabins at San Jose International Airport. A³ is currently working on an on-going project to find representatives for the company's cabins that could demonstrate the feasibility of revenues model for brands partnerships.

Airbus' Silicon Valley-based A3 start-up has taken a keen look at the new Transpose modulare cab system. Cubicle disrupters worked with the Peloton and Reebok healthcare and exercise labels to create a fully functional, life-size model of an in-vehicle sports hall. The delivery of this first make unit with Peloton and Reebok is part of an on-going A3 drive to find Make representatives for the A3 cab interior flexibility approach that could demonstrate the sustainability of make partnerships revenues stream.

Whereas such marque interior spaces would further complicated the already complicated processes of designing and installing cabins, Markenpartner could help in the construction of "thematic" models. Transpose is progressing and the A3 crew is working to make it happen. Mr Mason will work with governments such as the FAA, EASA and other regulatory agencies on Vahana and Transpose A3s, the Airbus UAV Laboratory and the Airbus Corporate Technology Office.

In the A3 system, the full mock-up of the transpose design is almost completed.

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