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Rent Cessna

Operating costs are also reduced, including those for tied or hangar fees, maintenance and fuel. We' ve got planes from Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus and Gobosh. Hiring an airplane distributes the fixed costs among many people. It is a significant cost factor for flight operations and is hidden by listing a "dry" rate. Rental prices for aircraft / instructors*.

Hire my Cessna 182 - Reduction of flight costs

We' re located at Atlantic Aviation, an FBO in Addison, Texas. With 26 plus aircraft rental experiences, we wanted to offer our clients a first class aircraft rental adventure. Our "tenants" start the procedure by phoning 1-2 hrs before their regular flights to ask for the 1999 S Model 182 (N120GR) to be removed from the coat-rack.

This aircraft is equipped with everything you need for a great ride! Complete oil/hopper/flashlights, patient bags, pocket calculator, pencils, notebooks, windscreen/front surface cleaner available. Call, show up, make a pre-flight, and you can come to your plane. With WLTF and Starlight on board, we wanted to bring over 31 years of General Aircraft flying rental expertise to make this the best rental/flight adventure for you.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate pls. contact David Snell on his mobile 469-767-2645. Have fun with our 1999S Modell 182 Nürburgring120GR. Built on the Atlantic FBO with simple boarding and disembarking, which saves you a lot of effort in shipping before the plane.


The main part of our flying education pool comprises the basic and 1,000 model Cessna 172 as well as a number of other planes that can be hired. Our aircrafts are all fitted with state-of-the-art electronics, which include the latest technology in aviation, as well as the latest GPS display and crash prevention technology. Our specialists carry out all servicing and avionic work indoors.

Security is our top concern and all our aircrafts are serviced to the highest industrial standard.

airplane rental

There will be enough space for a 1.0-1.5 aircraft ride with preliminary and follow-up meetings.

Planner will use 105 minutes block by block but please make sure that if you are planning to use an instructional trainer, choose that instructional trainer for the same timeframe. Hire and private flight may not have to be as strict as the timetable below, but can be adapted to the needs of the schools, please make arrangements accordingly.

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