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The FLITE Air Taxi Services is an Air Private Jet Charter program from Private FLITE. As it sounds, this is an air taxi service for up to six people. Membership FLITE Cards Property / Fractional Ownership. Charter Jet Card Find the cheapest private jet or air taxi immediately!

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Pilatus PC-12 is an effective and multifunctional airplane for travellers who appreciate style and convenience as well as the trust to fly in a truly outstanding airplane. Nozzle turbo propelled, the airplane is known for its outstanding power and capability to get to distant take-offs and landings while at home in large highways.

Pilatus PC-12 was constructed for passenger convenience, with six roomy seating units in an executive-style layout. There are six convenient seating arrangements in an executive-style layout. Relax and repose in the PC-12's roomy and luxury pressurised cab. A lot of people who have been flying or watching a Pilatus PC-12 land are amazed at how soft the landings feel and look.

The soft lands are credited to the skills of well-trained pilot, but they are also partly due to the airplane's landing gear. What is more, the airplane's winch is able to retract. Famed for comfort on even the harshest ground, the trailer hitch incorporates a solid swivel boom with an oil spring that absorbs the shock.

That equipment is why PC-12 planes can easily touch down on all kinds of unsurfaced airstrips - even grasses, debris and shredded corals - with such lightness.

Flying privately, even if you're not a billionaire.

Although a personal aircraft can still be the ultimative symbol of luxurious living and standing, for the remainder of us the box is leveled by a burgeoning number of carriers. Each of these carriers offers all variants of the same service: personal services that can be competing with commercially available carriers in terms of fares and comfort.

But for those of you who think your precious little days are precious - and have a few bucks left over - personal aviation is definitely a good idea. What makes you think you can spend the additional money on a personal jet?

The saving of a lot of time is by far the greatest attraction that both businesses and their clients advertise. The majority of privately owned carriers demand that you arrive 15 min before your planned date of travel, which is far from the one to two hour journey advised by airline operators. There is a good chance that your personal flights will be very popular, and if you are together in a small aircraft, you will have incomparable networking and connecting possibilities.

"You can''t miss the opportunity to network with other members," says Stewart Noble, whose employers Club Sportiva have a company Surf Air member. He has made seven or eight journeys between LA and the Bay Area in recent month and says he would highly commend the services.

Some of the most serious facets of commercial aviation are the stiffness of ticket; it' s not possible to tell what the future holds, and no one is happy to pay high exchange or cancelation charges. A lot of privately owned airlines allow you to make changes to your reservation free of charge. Often small airlines use smaller airfields that may be nearer to your home or work.

For example, Hopscotch Air operates direct flights from White Plains, NY, to Bedford, MA (where many tech firms are based); in terms of travel alone, Dupin estimated that its customers saved 45 min on average. Remember, before you pledge your loyalty to any of these privately owned airlines, there are some disadvantages to air traveling this way.

In order to get the best value for money offers for your personal aircraft, which we will discuss below, you will often have to quickly grab your bags and take several of your close ones with you to fill them. Except if you book a jets for million of dollar, your aircraft will be small, sometimes only for three passenger and one aviator.

Although there are small airfields all over the state, the network of discount airlines is still evolving and may not go where you want to go. Charges normally covered by the costs of business air travel, such as de-icing and refuelling charges, may be added to the fare of your personal airfare.

┬┐Who provides a personal aircraft rental services? The next thing you need to know if you are interested in taking a flight privately is which firm you should use. Established by some former Surf Air employees, this carrier is hoping to begin passenger transportation in early autumn or early autumn 2015. Initially they are planning to travel the NYC - Boston stretch only, with the addition of season flights to Nantucket and the Hamptons later.

Receive unrestricted travel for a dues of $2,000 per monthly plus $1,200 for each member of your extended flight program and book up to four travel options in advanced. Clipper Jet, another new entry in this area, is planning to concentrate on off-road traffic between LA and NYC. Included in the $9,700 a monthly subscription are four simple travel packages and some special benefits:

Clipper Jet will purchase a first Class air fare to enable you to travel for business, if a passenger has an open seat within 24 opening hours without being considered one of your journeys; idle air routes will be extended for the next six month; and if seven full day in advance, Clipper Jet will purchase a first class air fare.

As it may sound, this is an air taxi for up to six persons. In order to become a member, you must deposit a whopping $25,000 into your bankroll, which refers to the costs of your flight and is fully redeemable. Thereafter, the costs for chartering an aircraft are $3,200 in the first lesson and $2,200 for each additional lesson.

It is a privately owned air service specialising in smaller northeastern airfields. You have a set fare for renting the whole aircraft, which can accommodate up to three persons. Another favourite itinerary is the already mentioned White Plains to Bedford, which will cost $1,700 for three persons in a single night, plus extra charges for delays.

For example, if you wanted them to stay four an hour while you and your peers were in a briefing, it would add $150. Although this firm offers one-hour flight and membership, they are expensive. There are two things to mention that are definitely deserving of mention: you have to fill the airplane to take these offers, and they are in one direction, so you have to find an alternate way home.

The $21 Club is $21 per year and gives you entry to tariffs such as NYC to Miami for $450-750, Seattle to Houston for $750, NYC to LA for $1,100 and Dallas to San Francisco for $550-850. Upperclub Premiere subscription is $550 for activation and $2,350 the following month; including 10 round-trip air services within a timezone and free empty seat availability.

Just like Jetsuite, this airline also functions as a brokers for personal travel. Offering services between a few West Coast cities: Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Cabo San Lucas as well as a cross-country LA-NYC franchise. A one-off $99 subscription is required for memberships.

Although memberships are inexpensive, they are not free: Prices are approximately $400-500 per leg (including tax and charges) for trips between West Coast inland towns and approximately $800-1,000 for trips to and from Cabo San Lucas. To use their site services, you must buy an elite subscription that is $999.

Approximately 95 per metre per calendar year; once you become a member, your flight costs approximately $3,300-4,000 per trip. The fast-growing carrier operates services in 11 California towns. In order to become a member, you must purchase an introduction dues of $1,000 plus a $1,750 per capita subscription. Your subscription entitles you to travel without limit between two sites.

Located in Europe, the airline's European brokering services pride themselves on providing "full transparency" by disclosing all their transactions charges as well as airplane and carrier data. Privately owned aviation, as you can see, is not just inexpensive - but it is also no longer only available toillionaires. When you are interested in privately fly and want to make a hit maneal, it is important to have flexibility in appointments.

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