Bbj 787 for Sale

787 Bbj for sale

Rent, buy or rent a Boeing 787 9 Dreamliner VIP. Contactez 787 vip dreamliner ready for immediate sale Contactez moi pour de plus more information. Offers for new and used Boeing 787s for sale can be sent to your e-mail address. Now available in the complete BBJ Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental set. BBJ 787-8 has a range of about 9260 nautical miles (17150 km).

Purchase a rarely used 787 for a fraction of the regular list auctions.

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First BBJ 787 ever

The 40-seater company jet with an area of 2,400 square feet has a cruising distance of almost 9,800 sea miles and the capability to travel over 17 non-stop hrs between almost all of the world's megacities. The Kestrel crew was negotiating and supervising the modifications of the plane. The sale to an Asia Pacific operating company was sold, brokered and completed by Kestrel. Kestrel used this BBJ 787 to procure and customize unprecedented Kestrel material that had never before been seen on a large business plane.

The very low level of sound, vibrations and cab height of our BBJ 787 minimizes passengers tiredness and optimizes filtering and distributing it. It was Kestrel's ambition to create a look that felt luxurious and organic. The very positive response of the few VIPs who attended EBACE confirming that we had harmoniously integrated luxurious ness and technology innovations.

Cubicle designs have been optimised for long-haul flights and include areas that in our view meet the needs of governments, corporations and high net worth principles, such as private space with discreet separation of guests and persons. Trays placed throughout the cab lights, Videomonitors, Audio Shading, Windows Shading and Passenger Assistance enquiries.

BBJ 787-8 unveiled in Geneva by Boeing Business Jets

At the EBACE in Geneva, Boeing Business Jets presents the first BBJ 787 with a fully customized cabin layout. Turnkey Kestrel Aviation Management was responsible for the acquisition, conversion and sale of the 787-8 to the first owners. Made by Kestrel Aviation Management with the Pierrejean Studio in Paris. Shortly before the EBACE show, the plane was resold to the Chinese DeerJet.

This year Boeing also celebrates its twentieth jubilee in connection with Boeing's 100th year. "Boeing is delighted to announce our 20 year jubilee at EBACE. Everything began in 1996 with the establishment of a business aircraft organization and the sale of a custom 737. Now, 20 years later, we are successfully reselling every Boeing offering aircraft," Longridge adds.

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