Cheapest Airline Flights available

Lowest cost airline flights available

WORSTE month to book southwest flights (and other secrets to find the best deals!) Speaking about southwest flight in her Blog, Lyn has a free step-by-step tutorial on how to deserve the stunning Southwest Companion Pass. With the Southwest Companion Pass, one adult can travel with you for up to 2 years for almost free! I asked Lyn to tell us what she has learnt about the best days for flight (and not flying!

) so far this year in the Southwest.

Lyn: For the past few month, I've been following the best southwest rates every month from more than 30 targets for my reader. Each Tuesday or Wednesday I publish the new rates because Tuesday is usually the date of the weakest airfare.

This information was not only useful for my reader (you can visit my Southwest quote page for the best rates this week), but by observing rates weekly I learnt a great deal about Southwest's prices. Thought I would pass this information on if it would help you make reservations for your flights in the southwest springs, summers and autumn.

In addition, Southwest is known to be more difficult to post and price, as they do not allow their rates to be posted on an external site such as Google Flights, Expedia, etc.. Southwest. com to review rates and make direct bookings for your flights. Still, I still like the South West! Below are a few good reason to consider Southwest for your next outing.

Currently, it is possible to book Southwest until 3 November 2018. There are new airline schedules for reservation every ~6 week or so, with the next upcoming clearance for May 31, 2018, for flights until January 6, 2019 (how do we already speak of 2019?). The ONE monthly so far, which seems to have seldom good dealings or a drop in rates, is this year - drummroll please - July.

Not surprising, because summers are one of the most busy seasons of the year! However every second monthly, with the exception of November, which has only 3 day bookings available, has shown some good offers. Having studied the ticket prices for a few short weeks, I have found that you will find the cheapest South West rates between ~3 monthly in advance and no later than 30 calendar nights in advance. What I have to say is that you will find the cheapest South West rates between ~3 monthly in advance and no later than 30 calendar nights in advance. 4.

As a rule, the best offers are found within this timeframe. As soon as the 30-day limit is exceeded, almost all cheap tariffs are lost. Even if you get too far before the 3-month barrier, the deal usually isn't there yet. However, there are currently some good offers for August to October, although this can only be part of a southwest sales.

However, the best moment to make your South West booking is now. After all, if the rate falls, you can reverse your ticket and rebook it for free! You will receive a reimbursement of the cost differential (in the amount of a one-year trip credit) or have the differential repaid to your South West bankroll.

There are 5 tops here for how to know when a southwest sell is a good one because they have so many! I have also learnt that there are only a few towns that have better tariffs than others. Fortunately, you are living in one of these top southwest towns that constantly offer cheap rates for many destinations:

By far Denver is the best, and I'm remembering to pack my pockets and move there just to take full benefit of the many low rates for places all over the USA! As well as my regular, week-byweek update of the South West Deals page, you can join the Go to Travel Gal's Cheap South West Fare Facebook group, where we are sharing great South West rates that we find together so that others may benefit from them!

Helping to remove the barrier of not being able to match South West rates on other websites or receiving notifications when rates fall. It' s easy to find the cheapest fare offers on South West if you keep these hints in mind: How can I book low rates in the South West?

Don't miss the best bargains again! Keep checking out our dedicated Reward Deal page for an easy-to-understand listing of the best reward cards available!

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