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A personal aircraft

Leng calls his invention "a personal aircraft" - an electric aircraft so easy to fly that you don't need a pilot's license. Observe Kitty Hawk's brand new personal aircraft take to the skies. Personally flying cars are in fashion right now, with Kitty Hawk such an apparel that works really hard on building a usable airplane that takes you to a place. The newly designed flyer looks like a mixture of UAV, F1 auto and seaplane and differs significantly from the model he unveiled just over a year ago.

Currently it has a top velocity of 20 mbph, but it says that a prospective redesign could achieve velocities of up to 100 mbph. Larry Page, one of Google's co-founders, is one of the helpers in financing the flyer, the link that was made in Thrun's day to Google's autonomic auto device (now known as Waymo ), which he assisted in launching.

Enriched Reichert described Kitty Hawk's progression in the form of a narrative sheet ranging from "recreation to reconnaissance to transport," and his recent efforts suggest that he is going in the right directions. On the one hand there is the self-controlling Vahana aircraft, supported by the Airbus, and the 184 aircraft of the EHang Group. Uber also develops its own aircraft, while Joby Aviation and Volocopter also develop their own small aircraft.

We have come a long way since this rope-like 2011 theme went (or just went) into the air.

Hang 184

You ever dream of "driving" a flying vehicle just like in Back to the Future? But instead of flying automobiles, the technologies being evolved today look more like man-sized UAVs. While we knew Amazon was designing the UAV shipment, what if you could go to the shop in one of these small flying trucks?

A number of these cars are already being tried out. This is also the case with the Ehang 184 unmanned airliner, created by the China-based Ehang company and established in 2014. The Ehang 184 was presented at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas as the individual transport system of the futur and will be used as a cab in Dubaï this year!

Ehang 184 can take up to 100 kg of air traffic through the rooftops of the state. If so, will this innovative approach be the way forward for public transportation? However, it's never a bad thing to daydream a little about what our futures might be like, so we'll introduce you to all the choices we've found in this area, and we'll be updating this executive brief as more drone planes appear to keep our view up to date.

As Elon Musk spoke about the excitement offered by powered airplanes from VTOL, Uber has already said that the airline will be adding 170 km/h flying cabs from VTOL Entertainment to its on-demand transportation portfolio. The Aero and Kitty Hawk are working on small, fully electrical airplanes that can take off and landing vertical - a flying one.

However, let's skip to an outline of several small flying cars. Did you see the Ehang 184 in LA? Following its launch at CES 2016 and its trial run in Nevada, the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) Ehang 184 will begin transporting passengers in Dubai this year. Allegedly, the one-man plane in Dubai will have a top cruising range of 160 km/h (100 mph) and a flight altitude of around 3,500 metres (11,500 ft).

A Volocopter is a personal airplane that is so simple and secure to operate that anyone can do it. The Lilium is a fully electrical VTOL (vertical takeover and landing) airplane developed by a crew of graduate students from the Technical University of Munich. This small airplane is already in the reduced prototyping phase, a full-scale model is under construction.

It is Lilium's intention to open its order books in 2018. Elegantly and quickly designed, safely and flexibly, this electrical airplane is to be introduced to the commercial aviation scene in 2018. TriFan 600 is a VTOL airplane design presented by XTI aircraft, a start-up based in Denver, USA. He can take off vertical or on a take-off and landing strip, like a traditional airplane.

The XTI is planning a complete proof-of-concept plane for 2020 and is planning to launch delivery between 2024-2026. And Airbus is also competing in the competition for drone passengers and has recently introduced its VTOL electrical and stand-alone airplane designs. Vahana " is the name of the vehicle range which is being jointly engineered by Airbus A³ ("A-cubed").

By the end of 2017, A-cubed is aiming to have a fully functional pilot system and a scaleable manufacturing demonstration by 2020. Joby S2 is another potentially groundbreaking airplane that seeks to enhance the way the community works, thrives, games and travel. The S2 is a two-seater, solid, electrical airplane and offers a silent and dependable means of air transportation.

Compared to traditional automobile transport, this green private aircraft uses 5-fold less power at 5-fold faster door-to-door speeds. Terrafugia, according to the Terrafugia firm, allows the development of flying automobiles "a new level of personal freedom". "Terrafugia's futuristic visions, launched in 2006, are the TF-X: a aircraft for the mainstream aircraft industry that has the capacity to revolutionise the way we all travel.

TF-X is a fully electrical vehicle with vertically adjustable take-off and landings and computer-controlled flying. The AeroMobil is a Slovak ian that is currently working on the AeroMobil 3. In theory, the flying vehicle can be used in street transport like any other vehicle and at any international aerodrome as an aircraft.

Once the definitive setup is complete, AeroMobil strives to establish a production timeline. Moller International was established in 1983 by Dr. Moller (Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of California) and has been designing flying automobiles for more than 30 years. Skycar 200 and Skycar 400 have been designed by the group.

And the first is a light, 2-passenger VTOL airplane that can cover more than 700 kilometers at 196 kilometers per hour. Skycar 400 is the fifth VTOL airplane of its kind designed by Dr. Paul Moller and is currently in the phase of "operational prototype". Based in Berlin, we provide reports on the individuals, businesses and organisations that are shaping our global sustainability strategy.

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