Shuttle Service

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Free shuttle service (park free, free ride). The service from these lots is provided by private transport providers. For a few hours or all day, we have a wide range of shuttle services to get you where you need to go.

The Prescott Shuttle

The Home Pickup/Drop Off Service is currently not available on-line. Call 928-350-8466 by 18:00 the day before your planned trip to make a booking for this service or to include the Home Pickup/Drop Off service in an ongoing booking. It is recommended that you make your purchases at least 24 hrs in advance either on-line or by phone (928) 350-8466 to prevent possible delay during your trip.

All costs incurred as a consequence of late departures or arrivals, whether or not scheduled, whether by air or air, shall be borne by the customer. Designated as travelers between the ages of 7 and 13, can drive alone, but a parent or legal guardian must provide an Unattended Minors Application Card at check-in to secure itinerary.

Childrens seats: All under 8s who are less than 57 inch and less than 40 lbs must be in an age-approved safe seating position. The parent or guardian is obliged to fit a vehicle restraint or infant restraint used by their infant. Families and legal guardians must make their own vehicle seating or infant seating available.

Every adult passenger is permitted 2 pockets in full sized and 1 hand luggage. The car parks are available according to the "first come, first served" principle, all other car parks must be set up independently. For more information, please see our parcel services page.

shuttles service

University Ave. Open one Block northerly of Ford Pkwy. at Snelling Ave. St. SE 06th & St. SE 8th open every day at 8am. Busses suitable for wheelchairs depending on available. To the south of Highway 36, to the west of Hamline Ave. Busses suitable for wheelchairs depending on available. To the south the Co. to the North of the Energy Park Dr., to the east of Snelling Ave.

Car park eastward of I-35W at Co. B2, eastward of Snelling Ave. To the south of I-94 on Marion St. 32 Merrill Corp. To the north of Energy Park Dr., just off Snelling Ave. To the south of Energy Park Dr., just East of Snelling Ave.

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