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Charges for payment

Administer your services, pay your bill, get support and discover discounts and offers. Charter Bank's Business Online Services such as Online Banking and Bill Pay help business owners manage and control accounts more easily. Would you like to know how to pay your bill, set up Auto Pay, order services online or perform other account-related tasks? Payment of ACH debits and credits, cheques cashed or cashed and online invoice payments. Combine your services with charter for the convenience of a bill and savings!

Corporate invoice / third-party payment

Authorised Writing must specify the specified rates and charges to be borne by the third-party purchaser. Letters must be autographed by an authorised person. Thirdpayers must accept to pay the enrolled study fee regardless of the students grade. The pupil understands that he is liable for all sums that are not covered/paid by the third person.

Bills are due upon reception. Deferral of payments is not permitted. At the College's own decision, the College has the right to reject or reject correspondence. We cannot tolerate documentary credits for schoolbooks. Students will first receive an authorised mail from a third party: Charges will be invoiced upon receiving the authorised correspondence.

Enrolment is not completed until you have obtained an authorized documentary loan or made your course payments. Failure to receive your L/C and your Account Action page from the My Account Balance page to the College's due date may result in the student cancelling your full term inscription.

Fundamental Business Review

No matter if your company carries out hundred of deals per months or just a few, we have a great current bank for you! Developed for the small business owners, this current accounts provides the functionality you need at a cost that won't throw you out of business! Unless your company writes a large number of cheques or deposits a number of cheques at signi?cant, there' s a good chance Basic Business Check is just the thing for you.

Helpdesk representatives will be pleased to review your current bank accounts requirements and help you decide which value-added business current bank accounts are right for you. Companies that have a lot of ACH processing, writing a lot of cheques at www.ach and transaction-intensive depositing will appreciate our Premier Business Check.

Developed to enable the business holder to retain a cost-effective relation with a high volumes transactions trading accounts. Payment of ACH charges and credit notes, cheques cashed or cashed and online invoice payments. Pay ing dividends, this current bank is a good option for non-profit, nonprofit, religion and education organisations!

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