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Magnificent flight

Contact information of the aircraft operator and the fleet for GREAT FLIGHT. I wish you a great flight text: I wish you a great flight with Yelawolf. Large Flight Del 2950 - Review of Delta Air Lines

From Norfolk, my wife and I went to Las Vegas and back. Flying to Las Vegas, we passed through JFK. So we had to get out of the airplane and load the whole airplane into a coach (standing) and then be brought to the shed. Next stage was great.

Temporary big flight. The way back we passed through Atlanta. Planes were on schedule and personnel were great. We' ll be back in Delta in a few short miles to fly to another place, but still drive through Atlanta.

grat flight - but vidoid manchester port - rating from easyJet online

Recently we had the bad luck to choose Manchester Airport as the starting point for a journey to Greece. Arriving at Terminal 1 at 5.00am - in good order for a 7.45am flight, we registered our check-in luggage and then went to the secure area where the carry-on luggage was registered, along with the standard bodyscan, which recognises everything about you, such as belts etc. We were able to check in at 5.00am.

It was a crowded safety area with travellers who were on their way to see the incompetent personnel performing these controls. Rather than using one or two trays to store things of a private nature, the guard would insist that a small backpack be placed in one trays, a coat in another, a waist coat in another, a shawl in another, a small coin in another with a purse, etc. The guard would then put the small backpack in one of the trays, a coat in another, a thong in another, a small coin in another with a purse, etc. The guard would then take the small backpack and the small backpack and the small backpack would be placed in the other.

Then we were led to another area to go through one of the bodyscanners where employees were actually present and which for some sort of reasons were not locked. As a result, we had forgotten all our personal items that we were supposed to put in a variety of shelves because we were a few feet away from the starting position.

A man said he had been awaiting over an hours for some of his tablets to run through and still looked confused some while later. Sometime after a very long delay, which means we literaly had a few moments before the pier was shut for our flight, we were able to put our things back together again, some of which had to be opened so the guard could wag his magic stick around.

Only after we had climbed the EasyJet flight did I realize that I hadn't received a shawl in a compartment.

The last thing we had to do was to run through the labyrinth of sidewalks before we reached the passport control when we came back to Manchester airport 13 nights later. So...we were standing there...waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting...while one of the employees stormed around and looked confused...and then all of a sudden they switched from reds to greens.

Here ends the history of our journey to and from Manchester International Airports - Terminal 1, which I will be avoiding in the near term, and another proven one. Personally, I am in favour ofsecurity controls that are carried out properly, but it seems that the Manchester Terminal 1 controls are carried out by a pile of hams who sit together during the journey.

Curiously, I notice that the Manchester Evening News has taken several stories from many other angry travellers with it.

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