Jet around the World

Flying around the world

View all private jet tours. In the interior of Abercrombie & Kent's personal jet tour around the world. Instead, think of yourself being led on a 757 privately owned, run by luxurious liveaboard pioneers Abercrombie & Kent. Founder, CEO and Founder Geoffrey Kent, a spirited discoverer who is a true mix of James Bond and Indiana Jones, will join you with a pool of cabin crew, cooks, and tour leaders.

Coming from Miami, the jet takes you on a 25-day trip around the world to places like Easter Island with its mystic moon image sculptures, Nicaragua to explore a vulcano by chopper, Australia where you can sample wines in the Margaret River Valley, and Tbilisi, Georgia, for a 6th Century choir show in a 6th CENTURY chapel.

"Once every three and a half nights, we are planning a whole bunch of great adventure in a different place," says Kent. "Luxury tour operator Tiffany Dowd, Luxe Social Media founding and chairwoman, took part in an A&K Privatjet trip in 2014. The Dowd says it is the exclusivity and love of detail that distinguishes Abercrombie & Kent - and the opportunity to go with the company's founding father.

"With Geoffrey Kent, it was an unbelievable journey around the world," she says. "Abercrombie & Kent, the pioneering privately owned jet company, started its pioneering voyages around the world in 1989 aboard a luxury converted Lockheed L-1011 Tristar aircraft. "We' re trying to restore the era of exploration," says Kent.

" It is not inexpensive - $150,000 per capita, assuming dual use - but it does include everything from hotel accommodation to air and sea meals, beverages, activities and gratuities. "You can use the wrongly used term "unique" to describe the trip," says Doug Gollan, creator and publisher of Comparisons Jet Card Print.

Ever since A&K started its jet travel, the brand has been filled with other luxurious labels that have had similar experience for week. At Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts we take jet-setters on a smooth dark blue 747 to enjoy their homes around the world. The SeaDream Yacht Club cooperated with TCS World Travel to provide the Sea Sky Safari.

Excursions can vary from $56,950 for a National Geographic tour to Asia to $55,000 per hour for the Crystal Skye charters. Ovation Vacations Chairman Jack Ezon, who serves customers with ultra-high net assets typically in excess of $100 million, says personal jetting is one of the big travelling gems he sees in 2017.

"Around the world are traveling at a new standard as deluxe tour operators enter to provide abundant jet-setters with personal experience that shows what it's all about," says Ezon. Mr Ezon also points out that visitors who would not normally be travelling in groups love this part. "Whilst most affluent customers don't like to go in groups, many quote the unbelievable connections they develop with like-minded economic executives who accompany them on their world tour," he says.

Kent's rewards are to see the excitement of its people. During a recent round-the-world tour organized by Kent himself, he shared his travel route with his passengers at a goodbye meal for their next jet-tour. "Places aren't cheap," says Kent. Just think, you'll be taken on a personal 1757 for a round-the-world holiday.

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