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Corporate Services Limited, recherche sur les sociétés et informations sur les investissements. Short Irish Annual Report for CHARTERED CORPORATE SERVICES. Provide an efficient and reliable audit and accounting service.

SANNE - Providing solutions and services for enterprise management, a leader in providing solutions and services to the world''s largest and most demanding business organizations.

Our special Corporate & Institutions franchise enables us to offer our customers committed knowledge and comprehensive corporate services capabilities. Key areas of activity shall comprise the delivery of corporate headquarters, corporate secretariat, corporate governance and management services, executive services and SPV administrative services. We also work in close collaboration with our customers and their consultants to build and deliver specialist value-added services for a wide variety of organizations on a unified or cross-country basis.

The main areas of activity are Listing Services (CISEX), Payroll, Liquidation and Rationalization Services, Process Agent Services, Nominee Services. The result is tailor-made customer service offerings that address the ever more challenging needs of customers in an ever-changing world. Our checks and balances are continually reviewed to make sure we are always at the cutting edge of add-on work.

SANNE' s highly committed expert teams often work with SANNE's other line of business to provide a multi-service and multi-jurisdiction solutions to supporting specialised wealth management capabilities on an approved operational environment. Being a truly autonomous complementary services company, we are not bound to a particular supplier.

Our aim is always to identify the most appropriate services providers for each case, which include advisers, accountants and agents.

Charters Corporate Services - Company information in Ireland

Complete listing of content, owners, activities and documents. Purchase the full Annual Review, which contains the following: Last credit movement: ATTENTION: This registered trade name is the property of Sanne Corporate Administration Services Ireland Limited and the credit reporting information relates to this name. Fast, reliable and confidential corporate reports, credit ratings and judgment searches.

Purchase of Chartered Corporate Services - RNS

Sanne, the outsourcing corporate and mutual fund administrator, reporter and trustee services firm, has signed an acquisition contract for Chartered Corporate Services ("CCS"), a corporate services division founded in Dublin in 2005 specialising in corporate secretarial, liquidation, accounting and value added tax services. With fifteen employees, CCS has a wide client base, which includes a number of large banks, mutual fund and corporate customers.

The CCS will supplement our current activities in Ireland and provide added size and capacity for our enterprise-wide and institution-wide services". The Sanne Group is a specialized supplier of corporate and investment management, financial advisory and trust services. Our Group focuses on niche investment opportunities that have high entrance barrier and specialism.

Our most important customers have included alternate wealth management firms, banks and corporations. Our Group is represented in major global markets such as Jersey, Guernsey, London, Luxembourg, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

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