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The For Hire is an Urdu voice book by Asif Hussain Shah, a Pakistan taxi driver, released in 2010, basing it on the author's everyday experience with his guests and the thoughts of the guests he has listened to while traveling in the cities. This book is 120 pages with 35 tales about the author's different experience. The book was edited by Ferozsons and was edited by the artist.

Asian Hussain Shah is a Pakistan taxi driver from the canton of Rawalpindi who takes the taxi in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. By promoting his taxi business with Google on his taxi car, he has tried the new way of addressing man.

Asif Hussain Shah, a Pakistani taxi driver, is writing a book and is going on-line with

SLAMABAD: A poll carried out by a motivating taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah found that 65 percent of the population of the twinned towns called for a cut in the parliamentary's term of office from five to three years.... Speaking to the Daily Times, Shah said he had carried out two different polls of 1000 travellers in his taxi in the last two month.

My draft paper questionnaire form contained three sets of question, and travellers immediately completed them, he said. While the first poll was developed to assess how to get away from the administration when it doesn't ask issues to the general audience and how to avoid warfare, mid-term election by making changes through good leadership, the second focused on cooking expenses, which included: what is your actual wage, what is the type of work you do, and whether you are covering your expenses within your actual income, Shah, 42.

More than 65 percent of respondents felt that if the administration did not tackle the issues of the mob, Parliament's constitution should be restricted to three instead of five years. Majority of respondents pointed out that the way of thinking of the general publics has shifted as they have become anxious and want an immediate shift for the benefit of every individual, Shah said, and quoted his audience that three budgets presented by a federal agency were good enough to assess what and how much facilitation they could bring to their population.

During the second poll, over 70 per cent of respondents felt that they were not satisfied with their actual salary to cover home expenses. With rampant inflations, it has become unfeasible for many to have three meals because the price of food products such as edible oils, flours, mutton, legumes, fruit and vegetable are at all-time highs, said Mr Sah and quoted many.

Schah said that the nation has struggled with unprecedented volatility, both politically and economically, and the recent tide has exacerbated the current recession by driving the nation back many years. Rulers are least interested in the general public's concerns, as over 80 percent of the population live below the poor. He said we want a democratically elected administration that can protect the right of the collective people to turn Pakistan into a charitable state.

Asif Hussain Shah had previously written an interesting book in January 2009 with 35 brief histories about his experience on the streets of Islamabad-Rawalpindi as a taxi driver. Although he became a novelist, Shah said that he would never give up his job as a taxi driver, because whatever he was today was just because of that job.

Said it might be the first in Pakistan for a taxi driver to write a book.

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