Private Jet Categories

Jet private categories

Privatjets 101: An Introduction to Private Jet Classification - Private Jet Services If you imagine the concept "private jet", the first picture in the minds of most individuals is a smaller business plane that suits only a few of them. Whilst there are many planes that correspond to this definition, the number of variants of planes that can be private charters is much more varied than that.

No matter whether you and a beloved person are on your way to a holiday of romance, or all are taking with you on a business trip, there are plenty of private jet categories designed to meet your needs. They are the smallest of all available planes and come close to what you would expect when you think of private planes.

Featuring capacity from 6 to 8 persons, these are conceived with a view to a much more individual travel adventure. Lightweight beam also has a reach between 1500 and 2000 mile, making it perfect for fast, shorter flying. Midsize offers a similar number of passenger as the lighter jet, 6-9 persons, but this times in much more roomy accommodation.

Many medium-sized aircraft are equipped with a part-kitchen that allows them to serve food during the trip. Medium sized aircraft of this category also have significantly more luggage compartment from 45 to 90 cbm. The choice of a Super-Mid-Jet opens up the spectrum of possible private jet travelers.

With a similar number of occupants as the medium sized, these aircraft have the capacity for fully adjustable seat if you wish to relax on your journey. Those planes can carry between 10 and 14 people, so much bigger groups can go together. Almost all of our large jet aircraft are fitted with a complete kitchen to serve a variety of full meal items.

A few heavier aircraft can even reach a cruising distance of 7,300 mph, which is more than enough to make it across the Pacific if needed. These are the legionnaires of the private jet economy with a capacity of 30 to 326 persons. However, just because a jet can accommodate 326 passengers does not mean that it has to be it.

Whatever the number of people in your group or how far you need to go, Private Jet Services can find an aircraft that suits you and whatever your needs are.

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