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Corporate profile | Charter Communication Newsroom Charter communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) is America's fasted expanding TV, web and language company. We strive to integrate the highest level of customer experience with high value consumer and communication services. Located at the interface of the technological and entertaining worlds, Charter provides the necessary communication that connects more than 26 million private and corporate clients in 41 countries.

Charter is committed to serve its clients and exceed their aspirations as the foundation of its corporate culture and the guiding principle of its 94,000 people. Currently Charter is the second biggest cable operator in the United States. Recently, the company has completed deals with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Charter's name comes from the establishment of Charter Communications, Inc. in 1993, and while the company has expanded and developed on many fronts over the past two decades, our origins go back to the beginnings of cable. Starting in the later 1940' as a mom-and-pop company with cables stretched from the hills to the houses, it has developed into the vibrant cable manufacturing we know today.

Time-Warner Inc. is formed by the combination of Warner Communications and Time Inc. The Time Warner cable is separating from Time Warner Inc. First-class, dependable, consistently delivered value-creating service - that is our core area. Throughout the years, Charter has spent millions of US dollar on improving our infrastructures and releasing the performance of an enhanced, two-way, fully interoperable fibre optic cableway.

Switching to this all-digital hub, today's charter clients are enjoying the most high-definition TV channel, more on-demand capabilities and the highest speed webs. Under the Spectrum trademark, Charter provides a broad spectrum of TV, web and language related products and solutions for private and corporate use. More than any other supplier, Spectrum TV provides DVR support and immediate acces to millions of on-demand capabilities, many in high-definition.

See TV anywhere at home or enjoy films and shows with the Spectrum TV App to go to your portable device, or take TV Everywhere with over 60 channels of TV Everywhere to view on the go. The Spectrum lnternet offers the highest available lnternet speed from 60 Mbit/s (100 Mbit/s in some markets).

Spectrum and Spectrum Web allow clients to share video streams, listen to songs and more at the same time without compromising online performances. Charters offers free modem and the quickest and most efficient In-Home WiFi to do more on more equipment. Because Charter does not restrict the use of the web through cap information or additional charges, clients always have the flexibility of an infinite web experience.

The Spectrum Voice is a full-featured, dependable end-to-end call center with infinite location and long haul schedules that includes call errands, call origination, call wait and call transfer, and free 411. With around 10 million language clients, Charter is one of the biggest private telephone services in Switzerland.

The Spectrum Business solution is designed to help small companies get better results by providing robust web, Ethernet, speech and extension capabilities. The Spectrum business customer base benefits from a broad product portfolio - from high-quality wideband telephony and PBX to high-end TV and audio - flexibly tailored to the needs of expanding companies.

Spectrum Enterprises develops business-to-business solution with a human -centric approach, offering the breadth and depth of customer service necessary to speed up their businesses. Charter's major clients benefit from enterprise-quality speech, visual, data, networking, cluster and management-quality service over a resilient and resilient fiber-based ecosystem. Spectrum Community Solution provides tailored, administered WiFi, TV and speech for homes and other apartment buildings over fibre optic links.

The Spectrum Fiber WiFi provides the quickest and most efficient connectivity with more bandwith and no cap. Charter's Spectrum Reach ad distribution department provides classic business ads and new interactivity across the contemporary digital world. The Spectrum Reach business provides communications across domestic cable network, web ad, wireless and event communications backed by research, development and creativity support groups.

It is Charter's mission to improve society and influence life where our clients and staff work. We work with non-profit organisations through our Spectrum Housing Assist charity to make houses safe and healthy. For more information about Spectrum Housing Assist and our other charitable activities, please go to

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