Best way to get Cheap Flights

The best way to get cheap flights

Which is the best way to get cheap flights? It' definitely NOT about going to a travel agency. Tonight I reveal my personal process of saving air fares. "'Consumers will try to figure out the best way to do what they want. "

Best way to get cheap flights: Proven and tested process

I' ve flown a bunch of flights in my day. During our first year as nomadic digitizers, we made over 30 flights to various destinations around the globe. So, I suppose you could say I have some expertise in making flight bookings now. Personal, I loathe the flight reservation procedure.

First thing you want to do is look for your plane with Skyscanner. The Skyscanner is my contact point for comparisons of flights. Compare flights to every conceivable goal from as many as a hundred different airline companies; even some of the low-cost carrier companies that often do not appear on other flights review pages.

It should be mentioned that postings are not really made via Skyscanner. Skyscanner does nothing but find available flights. When you are willing to make a reservation, Skyscanner will redirect you to either the airline's website or another third-party website to make the reservation. Please note: Before you search for your flights, do you need to ask yourself if you are flexibel with your flights?

That can make a big difference as the costs for flights varies from time to time. Generally, I find that flights on weekends are more costly. Midweek flights are usually the best. When you are agile with your data, first enter your starting point and destination. Rather than enter accurate data, use the flexibility feature.

If you are really so agile with appointments, you can even see the rates for the lowest price this year. You will find the best rates for the whole August time. Choose the best date to match your itinerary and click "Show flights". When you are not flexibility, choose the date as usual.

I was not able to be agile on my Cebu to Dubai trip - I had to leave on 3 August. That was the fare for my plane from Cebu to Dubai (with a Manila connection): At $544, the prices differed slightly from the calendars.

I' d like to get a second prize to make sure Skyscanner is the best value. As with Skyscanner, Expedia's searching engine is quite sophisticated and sometimes you can even find a better one. That was my score for my Cebu to Dubai flight: $666. Not even remotely Expedia. The best rate I have for my Cebu to Dubai trip so far is $544 in Skyscanner.

When you have a multi-stage trip, I would like to conduct a single scan for each itinerary. As an example, the plane I found with Skyscanner starts in Cebu and has a connection in Manila before it flies to Dubai. If I were looking for a Cebu to Manila and Manila to Dubai flights, what would happen?

Frequently, if you are checking flights seperately, you will find more of them. They can then mix flights to get a lower total cost airline ticket. First I searched Skyscanner for a plane from Manila to Dubai. If I could find a cheap airline for this itinerary, I thought a Cebu to Manila trip should not be too difficult as it is a very much loved inland trip in the Philippines.

Found a $207 Manila to Dubai plane that flies with Cebu Pacific Airline. Just think that my plane from Cebu to Dubai cost 544 dollars, I still have to buy a plane from Cebu to Manila, but a one hours inland trip to the Philippines will not be much.

Let's go inquiring for the first part of my trip - Cebu to Manila. Boom! $41 from Cebu to Manila. And I found a plane where the timing fits very well with my plane from Manila. That means that my overall airfare is now only $248 now, up from my initial $544 quest, which is over 50% of the initial one!

Then why didn't this plane show up on the initial look? Comparative pages of airlines are very smart, but they still don't include every combo. Now, as in the last move, you can split these flights. As soon as you find a cheap ticket, you can look for a connection to Madrid.

The Cebu to Dubai was already very cheap, only $248, I was sure I wouldn't find a cheap one. I' ve tried to look for flights that link via some of the most beloved South East Asian airfields such as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Changi in Singapore.

The best thing I could do was still go through Manila and then to Dubai. Identifying flights connected to a heavily frequented aerodrome in the area through which you are travelling is the way to find a better value itinerary. Those airfields have a tons of incoming and outgoing flights, so you should be able to find many choices.

For example, London's Heathrow or Dubai International Airport. Okay, so we looked for our flights, reviewed alternate itineraries, and split flights to get the best value. Now we know exactly the plane and the carrier we want to reserve. Last place I verify before making a reservation is on the website of the carrier itself.

There is no trouble with using Skyscanner or Expedia. I' m just looking for the best possible deal. Frequently, the fare varies depending on the real location of the carrier. You know, sometimes more. Sometimes less. Sometimes less. Real History - I book a trip to Brazil on a specific comparative page. Approximately an hours after I made my reservation, I went to the website of the current carrier and the fare was $300 less.

Before booking, I should have looked on the airline's website - I was foaming! Anyway, I reviewed my flights from Cebu to Dubai on the Cebu Pacific website. Exactly the same cost as Skyscrapers. Whilst comparative websites are able to screen several hundred different carriers from all over the globe, they still do not have the capability to screen every one.

If I book flights from a state where I am not familiar with the different carriers, I use Wikipedia to find the different carriers in each state, especially the low budget carriers. Or you can find the page here: I' ve found many deals that use this approach for my flightsearch, especially in Latino America where flights can be laughably high!

Okay so there you have it - my own way for the best way to get cheap flights. Hope you find this item useful and can get some rebates and cheap flights with this methodology.

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