Private Hire test

Test for private persons

Wellcome to the knowledge test for private individuals. Privatvermietung | Knowledge test On this page you will find information and instructions on our test and the related procedures. This information is aimed both at private rental riders who have just taken a test and at those who wish to apply to us as such. There are 11 test places for first-time candidates and 11 test places for repeat candidates.

Participants of the test are NOT permitted to leave their cars in the town halls. When you are too slow, you are not permitted to take the test and have to take and afford another test. In case you do not show up or are too late, you may not take the test and must take a new test on-line.

For your first test of your language proficiency, you will need to present the appropriate pass for the test and the originals: Test shall be performed under the normal test condition. Therefore, the test is performed silently and cell phone MUST be turned off.

You will be provided with a copy of the Surrey St. atlas to use during the test. Practise on any road chart if you like, as the same card reader principles can be transfered to any chart. In order to take the test, you must have already registered as a private rider with Reigate & Banstead BC.

Test takes 40 min. There is a paid test center for those who need help passing the test. An important part of the test is the card work. We' ve created a fast card reader using the Surrey Street Atlas, which contains samples for card readers to use.

From 9 April 2018 you can only make your reservation on-line for the test, we can no longer make reservations and payments by telephone due to a switch in the system. For the first booking, you must first register as a chauffeur with us.

There are 11 test places for first-time candidates and 11 test places for repeat candidates. All you have to do is reserve the appropriate slots that describe your circumstances, e.g. a private rider only needs to reserve a private rental slots. In case you have already passed the test and are a new rider, you will not be able to take the test during the course of the test and will have to change your booking and payment in the near term and vice versa. Please note that you will not be able to take the test during the course of the test.

Reservations for a test conclude 24 hrs before the test begins so that we can get ready for the test. Only one test may be booked at a stretch and you must await the results of your test before taking another test. When someone buys several exams, we void the additional booking(s) and leave the earlier test, and you will NOT receive a reimbursement or can use the payment/credit for another test.

In order to help you use our on-line reservation document, please refer to our Information Test Booking Document Guidance Document, which includes a screen-by-screen tour of the reservation proces. When you book a test using the yellow buttons below you declare that you have accepted and understand the above points. As soon as a reservation has been made, it can no longer be canceled.

At least 48hrs' advance notification is necessary to change your reservation. Reservations to be changed with less than 48 hrs prior notification will not be accepted by the reservation system. The results of your test will be e-mailed to you within 7 workingdays of the test. Don't get in touch with us for the score unless you haven't got it by the end of Wednesday after your test (check your spam e-mail first).

Failure to pass the test will tell you where you have missed; we will not tell you what particular questions you have misunderstood. There are no test papers that we give out.

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