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Logo of the charter cable

You can download the Charter brand vector logo designed by Charter Communications in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. It is obsolete to change the current status of the logo, i.e. the logo is no longer used by the company. KREDIT: Courtesy of Charter Communication.

Looking for Charter, Time Warner Cable or Bright House networks?

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Time Warner cable. Hi Charter

Since today, the charter cable firm formally owned Time Warner Cable and another operating authority, Bright House, thanks to a $65 billion megafusion. If you are one of the million individuals who receive cables from one of these firms, I know you are asking yourself how that will affect you. However, over the next few month Charter will remove the Time Warner Cable and Bright House brands and start its own trademark.

That means that the much-discussed name Time Warner Cable (TWC) - a bit of cable TV story - is disappearing. Today, the recently expanded charter is one of the largest TV broadcasters in the nation and stands alongside Comcast (CMCSA), AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ). CHTR called its cable TV and wideband service "Spectrum.

" "Charter CEO Tom Rutledge said in an e-mail to staff, "One of our first big steps in the implementation of the Charter Playbook is to tighten up our prices and packages for products and launch our consumer-oriented Spectrum name. Travelling to a large Time Warner Cable store, Los Angeles, last weekend, I discovered at least a dozen lorries with Time Warner Cable logo's on the side, some of them look all new.

It will replace these logo's and train the engineers in their work. Charters has slightly better scores for client services than Time Warner Cable, although the sector as a whole is not very appreciated by clients. Charter therefore hopes to gain new supporters in the Time Warner Cable stores such as L.A. and New York.

Proponents of the general interest have expressed doubt as to whether the transaction will really help the consumer, but a charter spokesperson said it will "offer a supreme quality at a very competetive price". "Rutledge also highlights the fact that it "brings back to the United States tens of millions of outsourced workers," as Rutledge said in his in-house remembrance.

Time Warner Cable Call Center will be superseded by U.S. labor.

Can' t really tell how often I let guys merge the two identically titled but separated businesses. Deleting the name of the Time Warner Cable will make your job easier. However, the changes have expressed the "end of a cable era". Founded in the sixties and seventies, the origins of the business date back to the founding of cable TV.

Several Top Time Warner Cable managers, among them Rob Marcus, will leave the business this past month - and will be rewarded with umpteen million US dollar on their way out. "Most of you who will move on to the New Charter find the prospects for the coming years very promising.

"The new Charter will have enormous operational dynamism and the necessary scope to create new possibilities that none of the three corporations could have alone."

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