How much to Hire a Jet

What does it cost to rent a jet?

Fare depends on a number of factors, including aircraft type, locations, schedules and distance. Charter sales representatives can help you determine the exact cost and the right aircraft for you, depending on your needs. Got to hire a new team for my personal jet, where to go and how much will it be?

You must, however, first hire a skilled Jet Executive or Jet Company. One of the key tasks of a BJM is the choice of crews, supervision of servicing, financial planning, assets managment, piloting education, FAA supervision and compliances as well as crewing. Among the greatest errors a jet businessman can make is merging the roles of airplane managers and pilots.

Yet the real thing about this is that it almost always results in much higher total costs. Let's be clear, I'm not saying that your company jet executive can't be a driver because most of us are drivers. I' m not saying they can' trust any of the planes, either.

I' m just saying that your airplane executive should not also be your prime "pilot in command" or PIC, just as your airplane executive should not be the guy turning the spanner when the jet is in upkeep. One of the main reasons why these rolls need to be split is to prevent the inherent conflicts of interest that arise.

These conflicts of interest will always result in significantly higher costs in many areas outside the apparent issues of pilots' pay and crewing costs. It' also something that is often unintentionally on the part of the pilots, because the main objective of a PIC is the security and convenience of its owners as it should be.

It may be on your pilot's radars (no wordplay intended), but it is certainly not the main goal. A simple example of how this could be a corporate aircraft operator who is experiencing a significant decrease in the number of flying lessons per year, e.g. from 400 to 175 lessons, due to a shift in dynamic performance, retirements or whatever.

As a rule, the flight stages are longer for this proprietor and the entire flight duration adds up to only 20 a year. Does it still make sence to employ full-time staff in this situation? Obviously not, the landlord will be saving over $100,000 a year by using contracted pilot aircraft.

However, will the pilots who already receive full-time salaries and who are also the persons in charge of looking at these numbers and making the right choices, make the right call on the basis of what is best for the ownership? That is a hard insight for many jet operators as there is an emotive connection between a jet operator and his captain (PIC).

It is a naturally occurring connection that arises because every times an occupant is flying, he places his main part of his own lifetime in the PIC's capable hands. What is more, the PIC is the most important part of his own being. So, while your pilots agree that your corporate jet expenses are equitable and justifiable (in their opinion), an expert airplane executive will make sure that genuine cost reductions are made.

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